ECTS grading scale

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

To simplify the recognition of academic performance abroad, the European Commission and Universities developed European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The system works by assigning a certain number of credit points to university courses. In practice, this means that an average student's workload equates to 60 credit points/year or 30 credit points/semester. The number of credit points for each course signals the necessary workload to complete that course at the receiving institution, thereby making it easier to recognise academic achievement. 

This means that you should attain 30 credit points per semester and 60 in an acadmic year. Prior to departure you must complete a study contract (learning agreement) determining the courses you will visit at the receiving institution. The form must be signed by you and the Erasmus coordinators in Bremen and at the receiving institution. The receiving university normally sends information on available courses, credit point allocation etc. or makes it available online. Please deal with all issues concerning course recognition in your study programme prior to departure.

The grade scale in Bremen is converted to ECTS grades in accordance with BPO §11(10) as follows:

Deutsches System/
German System
ECTSDeutsches System/ German System
1.00 < Note < 1.24ausgezeichnet / excellent1sehr gut
1.25 < Note < 1.54sehr gut / very good1.3sehr gut (-)
1.55 < Note < 2.54gut / good2gut
2.54 < Note < 3.54befriedigend / satisfactory3befriedigend
3.54 < Note < 4.04ausreichend / fair3.7ausreichend (+)
4.05 < Notenicht bestanden / fail5nicht bestanden


Recognition of academic achievement

ECTS is an assessment system to simplify the recognition process of academic achievements from abroad. The study content must be agreed upon prior to the study period abroad. Together with the sending and receiving institutions' Erasmus coordinators, a study contract (learning agreement) is agreed upon determining the courses that will be recognised after the Erasmus period. The contract can be changed after arrival at the receiving institution in consultation with the Erasmus coordinators.

For exchange students (Erasmus, DAAD,...), a learning agreement detailing the procedure for the recognition of academic achievements from abroad is part of the application procedure. For information on the procedure that applies to you, please see the responsible department (International Office, DAAD).

The recognition procedure then proceeds as follows:

  • Download and print application form for study programme recognition for your examination office (normally ZPA FB08 or ZPA FB12). Fill in the first page of the application form and submit it to your administrator in the examination office with all original documents.
  1. Your original documents will be returned to you with confirmation of proper submission on the application form. Your study programme coordinator can be of assistance with completion of the form.
  2. You can then either come to consultation hours with all required documents in person or submit the completed form to the chairman of the examination board or recognition coordinator.
  3. You can also submit the form to the appropriate office, preferably with:
  • A short cover note detailing what you wish to have recognised why/for what; (with address, e-mail and telephone number for queries);
  • Photocopies of all available achievement certificates of completed courses;
  • Course language details (in German or English)
  • Course syllabus (topics and literature); examination type (written, essay, oral etc.)
  • If possible, include a copy of the essay.