International module

International Module Social Sciences

The Faculty's International Office coordinates several teaching formats according to our internationalization strategy. Guest students who stay two semesters in Bremen, can achieve 12 credit points (CP/ECTS). The language of instruction is English.

The main offer in winter semester is the course “Urban History and Geography of Bremen and Northern Germany” (4 CP/ECTS including field trips). This is an offer exclusively for international guest students and students will gain knowledge and competences about the basics of Germany’s and Bremen’s geography and history.

In summer semester, the International Module normally consists of a lecture part, complemented by talks from international lecturers from our partner universities, and a seminar part, in which students present the findings from their own work (ideally incoming Erasmus students will work on Germany and Bremen students on other European regions/countries or a joint piece of work). The final part of the module consists of an international field trip.  This module is aimed at Faculty 08 Bachelor's level students looking to take "General Studies" courses and incoming guest students from the Faculty's partner universities. In general, successful completion of the lecture/seminar part and the excursion/field trip is awarded with 3 CP each, totaling in 6 CP. If a longer field (over nine days) or an Erasmus intensive course is part of the module, 9 CP may be awarded. 


International Module 2024: Urban Ecology in European Cities (6 CP with Blended Intensive Programme in cooperation with Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris)

International Module 2023: Borders and Border Regions in Europe (6 CP with international excursion to Dutch and Danish border cities)

International Module 2022: Crossing Borders (6 CP with two two multi-day excursions to the Danish and Dutch Wadden Sea regions)

International Module 2021: History of Higher Education (6 CP with multi-day international education)

International Module 2020: Problems of Tourism in Europe (3 CP – due to pandemic without exkursion)

International Module 2019: Regions in Europe (9 CP with ten-day international field trip to Slovakia and the Czech Republic with M. Hornak from Comenius University and R. Neveceral from CHMI; Preperatory seminar and registration for trip during winter semester 18/19)

International Module 2018: Problems of Tourism in Europe (6 CP with field trips to Leeuwarden, Niederlande, Norderney and Hamburg)

International Module 2017: Borders and Border Regions in Europe (6 CP with four-day field trip to Stettin (Poland) and Usedom)

International Module 2016: Problems of Tourism in Europe (6 CP with four-day field trip to Groningen, Meppel und Amsterdam, Niederlande)

International Module 2015: Internationalization of Higher Education (6 CP with four-day field trip to Prague)

International Module 2014: Crossing Borders (6 CP with nine-day international field trip to Slovakia with M. Hornak from Comenius University)

International Module 2013: Intentional Communities (6 CP with three-day field trip to Waltershausen and Karlovy Vary) Field report

International Module 2012: Minorities in Europe (6 CP with four-day field trip to Prague) Field report

International Module 2011: Internationalization of Higher Education (6 CP with three-day field trip to Tallinn, Tartu (Estonia) and Riga (Lithuania))

International Module 2010: The Informal Sector (6 CP with three-day field trip to Kaunas und Vilnius, Lithuania. Visiting lecturers: Paul Knepper, Pascal Dumas, Lajos Baros, Agi Pap)

International Module 2009: Railways and Transportation Planning (6 CP with three-day train journey to Szczecin, Poland)

International Module 2008: Tourism in Europe (6 CP with three-day field trip to Alghere, Sardinia, Italy)

International Module 2007: Minorities in Europe (9 CP with field trip "Roma in Czech Republic and Slovakia")

Together with colleagues from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen (Netherlands), the Institute of Geography of the University of Hamburg, Syddansk Universitet and the Working Group on Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Oldenburg, the International Office of Faculty 8 organizes an annual "Trilateral Research Workshop" for students of spatial and social science disciplines dealing with issues of sustainable spatial development in the transboundary Wadden Sea region. Students of the international module can earn additional credit points for participation.


Intensive courses offered by visiting lecturers

A few times within the academic year, we welcome international scholars or lecturers to teach a one-week intensive lecture. Students can achieve 2 CP/ECTS per course. Each course will be listed individually in the course catalogue. Sometimes these courses are published on a short term base, so stay up to date with our offers by signing up on the study group “ForumInternational FB8” in StudIP as soon as you have access to it.