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As a student you have the opportunity to apply at the University of Bremen for a semester abroad or even a whole year abroad to study at a partner university. The tuition fees are here either completely or at least partially waived.

You can find out about scholarships and funding opportunities on this page. The application deadlines of foundations, the DAAD and other funding organizations are often one year before the start of the guest study program. Therefore, inform yourself as early as possible in initial consultation with the International Offices.

Please find here a list of all exchange programs worldwide (non-EU).

You may also have a look at some of the testimonials by former exchange students.

You can find an overview of all exchange places in the list “exchange places worldwide”. Inform yourself on the homepage of the respective host university about the subjects and courses offered. Carefully check which profile suits your own needs, goals but also your qualifications (language level). The Cooperation Officers are your point of contact for questions regarding the respective exchange program and submitting an application for the exchange place.

For almost all exchanges, application deadlines are once per academic year, usually in late January / mid-February. The exact dates can be found along with the respective destinations in the list provided above, or they can be obtained from an exchange officer.

All applications are done online via the Mobility-Online Portal. You will find the link to the application portal during the application period on this page in the right column. Many coordinators require an additional email or a paper application. Please clarify the program details and exact application procedures in advance with the appropriate exchange officer. The exchange officer is responsible for selecting the exchange students, officially nominating them, and registering them at the partner university. Please note that you must ALWAYS apply to ALL the exchange coordinators mentioned in the list for your respective exchange, even if you study in a different field. You may need to upload up to three applications for a worldwide exchange. Otherwise, the exchange officers may not see your application and you may therefore not be accepted.

If you cannot apply online due to technical problems, please contact immediately with the specific error message and the time of the occurrence.

The application usually consists of the completed online application and the following documents:

  • Motivation letter. Maximum 2 pages.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current proof of enrollment at the University of Bremen
  • Transcript (e.g. PABO- / FlexNow print)

Some exchange officers also require:

  • Language certificate: completed level B2 in the language of instruction or equivalent proof (e.g. a study abroad, high school transcript, etc.). The DAAD Language Certificate can be obtained in the SZHB for about 20 euros as a standard language certificate. In exceptional cases, some officers accept a B1 level at the time of the application.
  • Please clarify individual application requirements in advance with the appropriate exchange officer in the appropriate department (see the list exchange destinations outside Europe).
  • If possible, a Learning Agreement (it can be uploaded along with the motivation letter). It should be agreed upon as soon as possible (but no later than your departure) with your home department!

The applications are evaluated primarily on the following criteria:

  • Previous academic performance (grades)
  • Quality of the letter of motivation, project justification (quality, usefulness and value of the proposed plan)
  • Extra-curricular criteria (language skills - at least level B2 in the language of instruction, social skills and suitability, and social engagement)
  • If necessary, regional priorities within the department

The acceptance of applications is determined by the exchange officer alone. You will thereafter be notified, and all accepted candidates will be nominated at the host university. The final decision on acceptance is made by the host institution, but it is usually only a formality. Usually, the host university sends a confirmation email to the students and/or the exchange officer with an invitation for online registration. Only then do the students get in touch with the host institution.

A stay abroad usually entails additional costs. With scholarships and funding opportunities, these can be absorbed. Please inform yourself in good time about the application deadlines, which are often one year before your departure. Further information can be found on the page "Scholarships and funding opportunities".

Acknowledgement of courses attended at a foreign university should be clarified at an early stage and always before starting in your own department at the responsible authorities. A learning agreement can simplify the process. Occasionally courses can be changed at the host institution within the first week of lectures. This has to be then clarified immediately in the home department.

Inform yourself in advance about all important points for the preparation. Every April, the International Office offers a predeparture event, where you can get to know all the other outgoing students of the year. There you will get all the important information.

Also clarify scheduling conflicts of leaving and remaining exams with your department.

Funding can only be offered if no travel warning is made by the Foreign Office during the funding period specified in the award letter for the respective country or country region ( If a travel warning is issued after the start of the exchange, exchange students and recipients must leave the destination and report it. Any possible funding may not thereafter be continued. All exchange students and recipients, especially when traveling to locations where safety is unstable, must register on the Foreign Office website ("Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland").

Make sure that you arrive in time for the orientation week. Observe all safety instructions and rules of conduct on site. Take extra-curricular offers on campus. There you will have the opportunity to get to know the host country and to make friends.

Experience report

All students must upload an experience report to the Mobility Online Portal within 4 weeks of completing the exchange (see the guide in the download section). The International Office will not accept this report in paper form.

Experience Reports

The language of the reports is German.


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