Humboldt Research Award

The research award of the Humboldt Foundation is highly regarded internationally. The award honors researchers worldwide for their entire achievements to date. Award winners can spend a period of up to one year cooperating on a self-chosen research project with specialist colleagues at a research institution in Germany. The award is valued at 60,000 euros.

Prof. Dr. Karol Miller


Professor Karol Miller of The University of Western Australia is the recipient of the research award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 2015. He develops complex image-guided surgical procedures for the operating theater. These include the computer simulation of procedures for high-risk arterial dilatations in the abdomen or the bio-mechanical model calculation of deformations of soft organs as well as the differentiation of brain tumors from healthy tissue. The radiologist and professor of computer science continues his scientific work at the University of Bremen.

Prof. Dr. Krishnendu Chakrabarty


Professor Krishnendu Chakrabarty of Duke University (North Carolina, USA) has been awarded the Humbold Research Award in 2014. The internationally renowned US researcher has deliberately chosen the University of Bremen as his host institution. For many years, Duke University, a private university in North Carolina, often referred to as the “Harvard of the South”, has maintained a close research cooperation with the Group of Computer Architecture in the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science at the University of Bremen. The focus of their collaborative work is on new designs for electronic circuits.