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Practice-Oriented Studies

In addition to a practice-oriented teaching and research, the university offers you counseling and support in practical and career orientation as well as in the organization of your studies.
You can get help with strategically important decisions such as career planning at home and abroad; the linking of study courses, fields of activity, and the necessary qualification requirements; and the planning of individual qualification and further training in the Career Center in the internship offices and from the internship officers of the faculties, as well as in the International Office.

Internship Offices and Internship Officers of the Faculties

Internship offices ("Praxisbüros")

available in German only

Internship offices (“Praxisbüros”) support students in the preparation, planning, and implementation of an internship. In addition, students can find help there for their professional orientation. They are also contact points for employers who want to offer internships.


Internship officer

available in German only

Internship officers, also called internship commissioners or module officers for the internship, usually take on the supervision of nonuniversity internships and decide on the recognition of the respective internships.


Offers for Practice-Oriented Study Organization

The Career Center is a joint institution of the University of Bremen and the Bremen-Bremerhaven branch of the Federal Employment Agency. Students who want to prepare for their career entry during their studies, graduates, and research assistants on their way into a professional career will find support in the Career Center.

Who does the Career Center counsel? What topics will I be counseled on? And how will I be counseled? You will find the answers to these questions on the counseling pages of the Career Center.

In addition to counseling, the Career Center offers information events and workshops for further qualification that will facilitate your transition to the working world.

With well over 800 local committees in 100 countries, the AIESEC is the largest international student organization. In Germany, the AIESEC is represented at more than 50 universities and technical colleges. The AIESEC offers students worldwide 5,500 intensive experiences abroad every year, over 7,700 challenging management tasks, and the opportunity to establish a global network with other students, young professionals, companies and organizations during their studies.


The BRIDGE initiative offers information and guidance from the initial idea to business start-up.


Scientists with a migrant background are clearly underrepresented in relation to their proportion of students. Subject-related inhibitions and structural hurdles make it difficult for this group of people to pursue an academic career – this applies in particular to women. Against this background, the project “e n t e r s c i e n c e” aims to increase the proportion of students with a migrant background in the central scientific structure on a gender parity basis.


ProMentes” is the career-oriented mentoring program of the University of Bremen for students and graduates of the social sciences and humanities, international students, and graduates the MINT subjects.


The HIB (Hochschulinformationsbüro) at the University of Bremen provides counseling and information on application procedures and career entry, labor and social security issues, Hartz IV for students and graduates, scholarships from the Hans Böckler Foundation, and other topics.

The university office has moved: from now on you will find the HIB here:
aib (Arbeitswissenschaftliches Institut Bremen)
Hochschulring 40
28359 Bremen


The IASTE is an international association that organizes internships abroad for students of technical, scientific, agricultural, and forestry studies. In addition to the placement of internships (and in some cases long-term employment), the IAESTE also supports its interns with country-specific entry formalities and organizes accommodations and a leisure program in the host country.


Each semester, MINT Coaching offers support to female specialist and management trainees in the MINT subjects of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology at the University of Bremen (Faculties 1–5) within the framework of the MINT Coaching program. These are courses for female students within the General Studies of Faculties 1 to 5 of the University of Bremen. This therefore enables them to earn credits through the MINT Coaching program.


The “Praxisbörse” job fair brings students, companies, and institutions together. Once a year in summer, employers have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the almost 20,000 students of the University of Bremen and other visitors to the fair.

The offers for companies and institutions range from presentations at the booth to lectures for a broader audience. Students can seek direct contact with personnel decision-makers or prepare for practical experience in application workshops and application folder checks. All offers for students and visitors are free of charge.

The Studierwerkstatt  teaches work and learning techniques for successful studies. Here you will receive the interdisciplinary tools that will take you safely through your studies – from the orientation course when you start your studies, right through to your master's thesis. As a central institution of the University, our task to provide support to students in the acquisition of learning techniques and methods in the following areas:

• Scientific methods and academic writing
• Organization of studies and exam preparation
• Learning at the University
• Communication, i.a. facilitation and presentation
• Promoting student learning as tutors and coaches