Faculty 9 – Cultural studies

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The Faculty of Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen combines attractive study opportunities in its extensive and varied range of courses.
Students can choose from a variety of courses of study in the six specialist institutes, ranging from  Bachelor's degree to interdisciplinary Master's programmes.


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Research at the Department of Cultural Studies is anchored in its various individual disciplines, which are organised in the specialist institutes.
In addition, the Department of Cultural Studies has eight research institutes.



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The study programme in Faculty 9 enables a wide range of international experiences. Teaching and research are internationally oriented and globally networked. The central strategic orientation of the internationalisation of the department is located at the level of the Dean's Office. An internationalisation officer has been appointed as the contact person for the department's international affairs.

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Transparency and participation are important key elements for educational equity. The Department 9 endeavours to place and anchor the topic of diversity intensively in all areas of teaching, research and organisation. The faculty 9 also supports  the Rectorate  in the implementation and development of the diversity portal.


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Quality Management

The quality management (QM) of the Department 09 is part of the quality concept of the University of Bremen, which is laid down in the University-wide "Regulations for Quality Management in Teaching and Studies". The department follows the understanding of QM as a communication and control concept.