Research in the Department of Cultural Studies

Research in the Department of Cultural Studies is anchored in its various individual disciplines, which are organised in the subject-specific institutes.

  • At the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Studies, research is conducted on questions of transculturality, diversity, intercultural processes, cultures of knowledge, science, medicine and technology, as well as in the field of media anthropology.
  • The Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research focuses its research on media and communication change, mediatisation, transcultural communication and the history of communication.
  • Research at the Institute for Art Studies - Film Studies - Art Education focuses on relationships between image, space and subject, on film and digital media, on questions of aesthetic education, as well as on the mediation of art.
  • Research foci at the Institute of Musicology and Music Education are in the area of musical preference development, music-cultural education, music history and music aesthetics of the modern era, as well as music and gender.
  • The Institute of Philosophy has its research focus in applied philosophy, especially in the areas of philosophy of nature and the natural sciences, philosophy of music, political philosophy, philosophy of law and applied ethics, as well as in the history of philosophy.
  • The Institute for Religious Studies and Religious Education has its research foci in the areas of empirical research into the dynamics of religiously plural contemporary culture, the history of religion, empirical research into teaching and the mediatisation of religion.

In addition, there are eight research institutions in the Department of Cultural Studies

  •  Archive for Bremen Music History
  •  Bremen Institute for Cultural Research (bik)
  • Institute for German Press Research
  • Mariann Steegmann Institute. Art & Gender (MSI)
  • Schelling Research Centre
  • Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI)
  • Centre for Philosophical Foundations of Science

The common focus of research planning and development in the Department of Cultural Studies is the thematic field "Transformations of the Cultural: Disciplinary Strengthening and Interdisciplinary Profiling". This presents a comprehensive and differentiated spectrum from high-level individual research on an increasing third-party funding basis and with broad regional, national and international networking to disciplinary strengthening and interdisciplinary profiling in the research fields of "media change", "transculturality, normativity and religious change" and "mediation and knowledge change".