Families Welcome

  • Information

    On this page you will find a range of information for university members with family responsibilities.

  • Balancing family and studies/work

    We are committed to ensuring that studying, teaching, living and caring are not in conflict with each other.

  • University and family

    We are constantly working on adapting our offers to your needs.

  • Children's holiday camps

    Vacation camps for all children, with and without disabilities!

  • Family-friendly places at the university

    Sometimes it happens that we have to come to university with our children.

  • Caring for relatives

    Are you or a loved one affected by the need for care?

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Logo Familienservicebüro

Family Care Office

Your spot for all questions concerning family at the university. We help you with any kind of problem.

Baum mit Text AG familienfreundliches Studium

Working Group: Family Friendly University

The working group for all students with family responsibilities. We fight for your interests at the univeristy and help you with your questions.