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Map family-friendly places

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Nursing and Diapering Places

GW1 (Raum B2090): There is a nursing room with changing table here (for usage information, see parent-child workstations below).

GW2 (Raum:1065):The  room is also equipped with a changing table. However, you will need a key for this nursing room. You can pick it up either at the cash desk of the cafeteria in GW2 or at the Family Service Office (and please return it later).  Further changing tables are located in the handicap toilet on level 2 in block A of GW2 and in the ladies' toilet in the cafeteria of GW2.

MZH (Raum 1170): Here you can breastfeed and you will also find a changing table. The room is usually open.


Diapering places

Achter (Room: 0700)

Cartesium (Room: 0026)

FVG (Room: 0010 &0030)

Grazer Straße (House 2): You can find a changing table in the handicap toilet.

Haus am Fleet

Haus an der Allee (Room: 1160)

GEO-Gebäude (Room::1530): You can find a changing table in the handicap toilet. Another place is the chilldrens room (see also parent-child workstations below).

Keksdose (auditorium building, Room: 1020): You can find a changing table in the handicap toilet n the upper level.

LION:You can find a chinging table in the frist aid room.

Marum Gebäude (Bauteil A Room 0400): You can find a changing table in the handicap toilet

Mensa (Room: B0530):You can find a changing table in the handicap toilet under the mensa.

NW1 (Room: M0160)

NW2 (Room: A1220)

SFG (Room: 0190): EYou can find a changing table in the handicap toilet

Sportturm (Room: 1142)

Sporthallen (Room:A1420 & 1460)

SUUB (Room:1410): You can find a changing table in the handicap toilet on level 1.

Uni-KiTa e.V. (Room: 0160)

VWG (Room: 0460)

Zentralbereich-Studierhaus (Room: 1024): You can find a changing table in the handicap toilet

The family room is located at the office of the AG FFS, what it has in store for you and where you can find it you can read here.



The study room on level 3 (room 3260) is also suitable as a breastfeeding room, among other things, because you have a comfortable seat here. The room is also noise-protected, so you can work here with your child.


In addition to the family rooms of the library and the AG FFS, there are other possibilities where you can work with your child in peace. In these rooms you also have the possibility to breastfeed your child and to change diapers (unfortunately, there are some restrictions on the use of these rooms).

Workstation 1:

In GW1 you will find in room 2090, as already mentioned above, the possibility to breastfeed and change diapers but the room is also designed as a parent-child-workplace (workplace for you and play elements for your child). You will additionally find a kitchen to warm up food or drink in the hallway! To use the room/ for more information please contact Henry Ohlmann (ohlmannprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).

Workstation 2:

In the GEO building you can work and play with your children from 6 months to 12 years. Here you can also change diapers and breastfeed your child. There is also a kitchenette nearby. Room 1420 is located on level 1, but there are some restrictions, if you are not part of department 5 or the Marum you have to pay 1€ per hour and child. Furthermore, the room can only be used (for legal reasons) in the context of special events, such as colloquia, graduation, unscheduled courses, conferences and workshops. To use the room, please contact Angelika Rinkel in advance (Mail: arinkelprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).


The Family Service Office has toy boxes/toy bags that you can borrow. Just contact the FSO or drop by!

You can also borrow toy boxes in other buildings of the University of Bremen. To borrow the boxes, you have to register by phone in advance:

Druckerei im Betriebshof (Room: 1110): Contact person: Sergej Dorogi (Tel. 0421 21860880)

GW2 (Room: B2370): Contact person: Betina da Rocha (Tel. 0421 21861152)

MZH (Room: 2260): Contact person: Ivona Piotrowska (Tel. 0421 21863810)

Sports Tower (Room: C4010): Contact person: Meike Langer (Tel. 0421 21861908)

Administration Building (VWG) (Room: 1410): Contact person: Doreen Gregor (Tel. 0421 21860566)




With the "Wichtelkarte", your child can eat for free in the Mensa until the end of his or her sixth year. In order to receive a Secret Santa card, you must show your child's birth certificate and your enrollment certificate at the service point in the cafeteria.


When you are in the cafeteria with your child/children, you can find a large play area, high chairs, and the AG FFS info box at the back left of the Mensa.


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