Law (First State Examinations / Bachelor's Degree)

Law is the only degree program at the University of Bremen that concludes with the First Law Examination, formerly known as the First State Examination. The regular degree duration is 10 semesters. The degree "Bachelor of Laws" is integrated into the course after 8 semesters. Anyone wishing to work as a judge, public prosecutor or lawyer in private practice must then take the second state examination. The Second State Examination is taken after university studies and the First Legal Examination, followed by a 24-month postgraduate internship.



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Study Schedule and Examinations

In order to complete your First State Examination/Bachelor of Laws degree, you will have to take various examinations during the course of your studies. The regular degree duration for this, including the examination period, is 5 years.

Studies begin with a compulsory component, which usually lasts 5 semesters. The compulsory studies includes Civil Law, Criminal Science/Criminal Law and Public Law. It is divided into an undergraduate degree (1st - 2nd semester) and an advanced degree (3rd - 5th semester), which are accompanied by written certificates of achievement (end-of-semester examinations and term papers). This is followed by the university specialization course (6th - 8th semester), which concludes with the Bachelor's examination. The following specializations are currently offered:

  • Philosophy - History - Reality
  • Climate - Environment - Sea
  • International and European Economic Law
  • Labor and Social Security
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Policy in Europe
  • Transnational Law (English language)

The 9th and 10th semesters are then used to prepare for the First Legal Examination.

Detailed information on the course of study can be found on the pages of Faculty 6.