Several photovoltaic systems on the roof of the Mensa Cafeteria at the University of Bremen. Parts of the campus can be seen in the background

Sustainability: Fundamental Guiding Principle of the University of Bremen

The University of Bremen has been committed to the sustainable development of our world for years. This involves, on the one hand, taking a scientific approach to the issue of sustainability with numerous projects and, on the other hand, constantly reviewing the university’s own actions to ensure that they are in line with environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

The University of Bremen stands out: For years, the University of Bremen has developed a successful organizational structure to realize the objectives of the EMAS environmental management program. Three sustainability reports were already issued. In addition, a detailed Environmental Statement is published annually to reflect the environmental developments at the university.

Universitiy of Bremen

Global Ranking on Sustainability: University of Bremen Ranks Top 10

1183 universities all over the world took part in the “UI GreenMetric World University Ranking” in 2023, which assesses the sustainability of universities. The University of Bremen ranks 10th.

Professorin Jutta Günther, Rektorin der Universität Bremen, und die Senatorin für Umwelt, Klima und Wissenschaft, Kathrin Moosdorf zwischen der Solaranlage auf dem Dach der Campus-Mensa.

University of Bremen: Leading the Way on the Road to Sustainability

The University of Bremen has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award (DNP). It is Europe's biggest award for ecological and social commitment.

Milestones in Recent Years


Establishment of the NKK Commission

At the suggestion of the Students for Future movement, the AS holds a closed meeting. They establish the Commission for Sustainability, Climate Justice, and Climate Neutrality (NKK).


Establishment of the Green Office

The Green Office is established. The unit, which is affiliated with the university’s environmental management, is intended to educate in particular students about sustainability and climate protection.


Sustainability to Become the Fundamental Guiding Principle

Commitment to Sustainability at the University of Bremen

The University of Bremen’s multi-dimensional commitment to sustainability as its guiding principle is reflected in many areas, among them Campus, Learning and Teaching, Research, Governance, and Transfer.


Our efforts to act in a sustainable and responsible manner are reflected in many areas on campus – both in terms of environmental and social standards. Our Enivronmental Managment focuses on climate protection, energy efficiency, and mobility, while involving as many university members as possible.


Learning and Teaching

Sustainability is at the heart of learning and teaching at the University of Bremen. There is an extensive range of sustainability-oriented courses and research projects across all its disciplines.



As early as 1976, the university was one of the first German universities to establish a comprehensive central research development fund. The aims were – and still are – profile building, the promotion of early-career researchers, and the strengthening of external funding acquisition.



The sustainability guidelines of the university, adopted in 2010, have since been systematically pursued and consistently implemented through various programs, offers, and measures. University operations are constantly being further developed and improved within the framework of the EMAS audit.



The university is a key player in the further development of networking and knowledge transfer between academia and the economy. In this context, the technology park in its urban setting plays a key role in the shaping and development of local knowledge transfer.


Commitment to Sustainability of University Staff and Students

Students and staff at the university are committed to promoting sustainability in many different ways. Below a selection of some initiatives:

members of the "Campus goes Biodiverse" group sit well spread out in the tall grass

Campus Goes Biodiverse

In summer 2019, a student conservation group at the University of Bremen launched the Campus Goes Biodiverse project for an alternative green space management on campus. The project areas on campus are cultivated for the benefit of animal and plant biodiversity. For instance, green areas are mowed less frequently so that insects and plants can thrive.

Blog Campus Goes Biodiverse

Article in up2date. online magazine

Luftaufnahme des Campus der Universität Bremen.

UniBremen Solar

The UniBremenSOLAR cooperative commissioned its first photovoltaic system on the University of Bremen campus as early as 2011. The cooperative, which is run by employees and students of the university, has since built five more systems. Since the first system started operations, these have saved a total of around 4,000 tons of the climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2

A young man runs up a flight of stairs. He has to walk around several boxes that stand in his way like barriers

Anti-Classism Unit

In spring 2023, the AStA Students’ Union at the university has established a specific unit, which deals with the issue of anti-classism. The Anti-Classism Unit is a self-organized advocacy group for students, working-class children, and first-generation student affected by classism. Classism is discrimination and oppression of people based on social class or perceived social class. The unit wants to reveal and overcome classist structures at the University of Bremen.