Sustainability in Research

As early as 1976, the university was one of the first German universities to establish a comprehensive central research development fund. The aims were – and still are – profile building, the promotion of early-career researchers, and the strengthening of external funding acquisition. In a competitive procedure similar to that of the German Research Foundation (DFG), positions and funds are allocated via various funding schemes.

Measures that have been launched as Excellence Initiative projects to implement the institutional strategy have been evaluated and, if possible, structurally continued on this basis. The support center for early-career researchers at the University of Bremen, BYRD, and under its umbrella the PhD Center at the University of Bremen (ProUB) offer all doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and experienced researchers at the University of Bremen extensive opportunities for further qualification, consulting, and networking, and provide advice on all key topics of personnel development in research.

Sustainability as a Research Topic

A man waters a raised bed in an urban garden.

The artec Sustainability Research Center

The artec Sustainability Research Center is an interdisciplinary center at the University of Bremen for scientific research on sustainability issues and socio-ecological transformation. At the core of this university institution is an alliance of researchers from different faculties, currently including the Social Sciences, Production Engineering, Cultural Studies, Pedagogy and Educational Sciences, as well as Human and Health Sciences.

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Center for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT)

The Center for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT) is an interdisciplinary incubator for sustainable technologies and processes. Researchers across ten working groups work on issues relating to an integrated approach of energy flows and material cycles for environmentally friendly technologies and products The UFT expertise ranges from biology, physics, and chemistry to materials science, process engineering, and ecology.

Two female researchers kneel on a patch of ice in the Arctic and operate technical equipment.

Transregio SFB Arctic Amplification (AC)3

Since 2016, the Transregio SFB Arctic Amplification (AC)3 Transregio SFB Arctic Amplification (AC)3 Collaborative Research Center together with Leipzig University and other partners has been researching the effects of global warming in relation to processes in the atmosphere and the Earth's surface. These effects are particularly noticeable in the Arctic. In a further funding phase until 2027, the researchers plan to investigate atmospheric interactions with the ocean and global aspects of these interdependencies.

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