Regulatory Framework for Professors in Bremen

Salary of Professors

In Bremen, the Law on the Salary of Bremen Civil Servants and Judges regulates the salary of university professors in the salary groups W  (Bremisches Besoldungsgesetz - BremBesG).

Basic Salary

The basic salary for W1 to W3 are currently (BremBesG §27, Annex 3, in effect since December 1, 2022):

  • W1: 4.844,71 €
  • W2: 5.515,31 €
  • W3: 6.668,57 €

Allowance for W1-Professors

In addition to the basic salary and, if applicable, the family allowance, professors in the salary group W1 will receive a monthly allowance of currently € 260 after a positive interim evaluation (BremBesG § 50).

Appointment Bonuses

In addition to the basic salary, further appointment bonuses may be agreed upon during the appointment negotiations. Appointment bonuses are awarded on the basis of the applicant’s qualifications and previous achievements. Appointment bonuses are granted at least in the amount of the basic appointment bonus of currently € 748.29 (BremBesG § 28 para. 2).

Appointment bonuses may be awarded for a limited or unlimited period. They are usually granted as ongoing monthly payments. When they are granted, it may be decided that they will participate in the regular salary adjustments.


Family Allowance

The family allowance is non-negotiable. It is based on the respective professor’s family status.

Special Performance Bonuses

Professors of the University of Bremen in grades W2 and W3 have the opportunity to participate in the awarding procedure for special merit pay. Special merit pay can be awarded on the basis of special achievements in research, teaching, continuing education and the promotion of young academics, which are significantly above average and have generally been achieved over several years. The procedure for awarding special merit pay is regulated in the University of Bremen’s Regulations for the Award of Merit Pay and Allowances („Leistungsbezügeordnung“). Since this is an application procedure, special merit pay cannot be negotiated during appointment or retention negotiations. As part of the appointment negotiations, reference is made to the time at which newly appointed persons can apply for performance pay for special achievements for the first time.

When applying for special merit pay, please consider §§2, 3 and 4 of the Merit Pay Regulations of the University of Bremen. The Human Resources Department will also be happy to provide you with further information on the application procedure. To submit your application, please use the relevant forms:

Intern - Universität Bremen (

If you have any questions, please contact Katja Graf, the head of Department 21 - Civil Service Law / University Teachers' Law / Appointment Matters.

Retention Bonuses

Within the framework of retention negotiations, retention bonuses may be granted (cf. § 3 BremHLBV). The granting of a severance payment is subject to the condition that the professors have demonstrated that they are interested in being hired by another employer. Further information on the topic of retention negotiations can be found here.

Function Performance Bonuses

For the fulfillment of special tasks, in particular within the framework of the university's self-government, function performance bonuses may be granted for the duration of the fulfillment of the special tasks (§ 5 BremHLBV). Function performance bonuses are not agreed upon in the context of appointment or retention negotiations (the only exceptions are cooperative professorships, e.g. professors that are appointed in cooperation with a non-university research institution).

Teaching Duties

At the University of Bremen, teaching duties are regulated in the Ordinance on the Extent and Documentation of the Fulfillment of Teaching Duties at State Universities (Lehrverpflichtungs- und Lehrnachweisverordnung - LVNV).

The teaching duties for professors (cf. § 4 No. 1 LVNV) is 9 teaching hours (LVS) per semester.

Reductions of teaching duties are possible pursuant to the regulations of § 7 of the LVNV and § 16 (5) BremHG, i.e. an application procedure.

For Junior Professors, the teaching duties in the first phase is 4 weekly hours per semester and in the second phase between 6 and 8 weekly hours per semester according to the appointment agreement (§ 4 (2) LVNV).

Research Semester

In accordance with § 29 paragraph 2 BremHG, the Rector may, in consultation with the Dean’s Office, release university professors from their regular duties for the duration of up to two semesters in whole or in part for the benefit of certain research projects (research semesters). Further details are regulated by the Rector’s guideline on the application for research semesters. Research semesters are subject to an application procedure. To submit your application, please use the relevant forms: