Company Cooperations

Corporate cooperation with Santander Universities

Working together for internationalisation

Santander Universities, a division of Santander Bank, has been supporting projects at the University of Bremen for internationalisation and the promotion of young talent since 2013. On 23 October 2019, the Rector of the University of Bremen, Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter, and Fernando Silva, Member of the Board of Management of Santander Consumer Bank AG, renewed the cooperation agreement in Bremen, which was last extended in 2016. This means that the framework agreement on cooperation is now open-ended.

In addition to the awarding of ten Germany Scholarships, the further development of the "U Bremen Research Alliance Welcome Centre" is an important part of the funding. The Welcome Centre offers the approximately 200 international academics at the University of Bremen assistance in integrating into social life in Bremen and promotes exchange with German researchers. There are now plans to extend the programme to all incoming researchers from Germany and abroad. With the "Bremen International Student Research Internship Programme (BISIP)" and the awarding of German scholarships, the University of Bremen, together with Santander, offers foreign students from Bremen's partner universities who are interested in research the opportunity to complete a three to six-month research internship in renowned research institutes at the university based on their own research interests.

As one of the leading European research universities, internationalisation is central to the University of Bremen. This includes excellent counselling and support for all international researchers and the expansion of international research. Training/education, the strengthening of entrepreneurship and employability are important and unifying concerns for the University of Bremen and Santander. With the support of Santander Universities, these activities have been significantly strengthened over the last seven years.

Corporate co-operation with AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven

Together for health

In 2017, the University of Bremen and the AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven confirmed their desire to strengthen their collaboration with a framework agreement. The focus is on joint projects in the areas of research and development as well as the promotion of young scientists. The AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven promotes the Germany Scholarship Programme and supports the University of Bremen in the OPEN CAMPUS. The health insurance company also supports research projects at the Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research, Faculty 11 Health Sciences. For example, in a socially relevant comparative study, point-of-care tests, near-patient laboratory tests, are being analysed to determine whether they can reduce the use of antibiotics for uncomplicated urinary tract infections. The Stability in Space project aims to improve the quality of life of people with vertigo.