Information for newly appointed professors

Events for newly appointed professors

The University of Bremen offers special introductory courses for newly appointed professors to facilitate their start in Bremen. Traditionally, all newly appointed professors are introduced officially at the Annual New Year's reception in the historical town hall.

In the spring and in the fall the rectorate invites all newly appointed professors to an information session to exchange experiences about their start in Bremen. The Central Research Development Fund and the Human Resources Development present their portfolio at these events. Newly appointed professors can use all the University of Bremen’s service facilities from the outset.

Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre offers support and advice on all practical issues (e.g. flat-hunting, moving home, registration with the civil authorities, visas and health insurance).

Dual Career Service

The Dual Career Service offers support for the partners and families of newly appointed professors. Support is offered for example in finding jobs and organizing child care.

Human Resources Development

The Human Resources Development at University of Bremen offers a number of courses for newly appointed professors, e.g. mentoring, colleague consulting, individual coaching and advice (foreign languages, leadership, university didactics, acquiring third-party funding).

Information for all Professors at the University of Bremen

Renegotiation of Staffing and Resources

Commitments concerning staffing and resources are usually limited to five years and are subject to sufficient budgetary resources and the University’s long-term development plan (see § 18 Bremisches Hochschulgesetz). After the expiry of the time limit (usually five years), or changes in the long-term development plan of the University, details of staffing and resources are to be renegotiated with the University management to facilitate planning for all those involved.

You can find further information in the guidelines on renegotiation of staffing and resources.

Renegotiations of Professorship

The University Management usually conducts renegotiations with professors who have an offer from another university. The procedure is initiated either by the professor or by the Director of Finance and Administration.

The Head of Administration and Finance conducts renegotiations with participation of the respective faculty.

Prerequisites for renegotiations are:

  • Written evidence of the offer of appointment from the competing university, together with details of salary offered, staffing and resources.
  • A concept of future teaching and research activities at the University of Bremen and the required staffing and resources.
  • A self-evaluation of the teaching and research activities at the University of Bremen.

Further information on renegotiations of professorships can be found in our guidelines which can be accessed here.