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    The Organizational Structure of the University of Bremen

    The institution “University of Bremen” consists of the University Executive Board, the individual faculties, the Academic Senate (AS), and the AStA Students' Union as well as the university administration.

University Executive Board

The University of Bremen is headed by the University Executive Board. It includes the President, the Vice President for Research and Transfer, the Vice President for Teaching and Studis, the Vice President for International Affairs, Academic Qualification and Diversity, and the Director of Finance and Administration.



The scientific disciplines of the University of Bremen are divided into twelve subject areas. In teaching as well as in research, the faculties are closely linked through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Research Faculty MARUM

MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences researches the role of the ocean in the Earth system. The interdisciplinary research at MARUM interlinks the university's faculties and acts as a hub for the university’s partner institutions in marine research.

Academic Self-Governance

The bodies of academic self-governance include the Academic Senate (AS) and the AStA Students' Union.


The administration of the University of Bremen is divided into the areas of University Strategy and University Executive Board, University Development, Studies, Research, Cooperation, Human Resources, Finances, and IT and Technology.

Chief Digital Officer

The chief digital officer (CDO) advises the University Executive Board on all relevant issues, processes, and organizational questions pertaining to digitalization. He takes on a coordinating, integrating, and managerial function for the comprehensive digitalization of learning and teaching, research, and administration at the university.

The Staff Unit for Strategic Initiatives

The Staff Unit for Strategic Initiatives works on forward-looking projects at the University of Bremen. It provides impulses for strategic development, generates ideas for institutional projects, advises the University Executive Board, and designs strategy and change processes.