The scholarship holders of the "Deutschlandstipendium"

Engaged in various ways

Besides excellent study performance, social engagement also plays an important role in the process of choosing the scholarship holders. In the videos below, three of them introduce themselves and their projects. The videos were produced by the students themselves as part of the national competition “Engagement hoch Zehn” which was conducted by the Donors’ Association on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Deutschlandstipendium.

Katharina Lausberg

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Janina Pecht

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Jasmin Willker

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The scholarship from scholarship holders for scholarship holders

“The scholarship from scholarship holders for scholarship holders is a tradition that has been established in the last years. The scholarship holders donate a small amount of their scholarship. This gesture is intended to show how grateful we are as scholarship holders for the monthly 300 euros. This gives us the freedom to study and/or volunteer and by that, contribute something to the society in return. We all agree that the Deutschlandstipendium opens up many opportunities: Not only does it create networks between committed students and sponsors but also an interdisciplinary exchange and joint projects among scholarship holders. We believe that these opportunities should be open to as many students as possible. Thanks to everyone who supported us in this!"

The scholarship holders' generation 2023/2024