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The University of Bremen is committed to multilingualism: In 2017 it was one of the first universities in Germany to publish a language policy which makes recommendations for the use of language in science and everyday University life. Our students acquire the language skills they need for careers on the German as well as the international job market. The University encourages and actively supports all its members to learn new languages, to make use of their native language in everyday working life, and to help breathe life into multilingualism on the campus.

Sustainable Promotion of Multilingualism – The language policy of the University of Bremen

Learning German

In preparation for studies

You want to learn German in Bremen and then study here?
We offer a pre-studies program for all prospective students who would like to take a bachelor's degree.

If you want to apply for the master’s program in Production Engineering: SpeakING.
Have you fled your home country? HERE/AHEAD.
The following language examinations are recognized by the University of Bremen.

For exchange students

Shortly before the start of each semester, the International Office, in cooperation with the Language Center (SZHB), offers intensive German language courses for Erasmus students and exchange students from partner universities. During the semester, exchange students can take a tuition-free German course at the SZHB. Further information can be found on the website of the Newcomer Service and the Language Center.

For academic staff

The University offers exclusive German courses at various levels for members of the academic staff. The courses are run in cooperation with the Goethe Institute and the Language Center (SZHB). They usually take place in the evening and are co-financed by the Personnel Development Office.

More information is available on the homepage of the Welcome Center.

For everyone: Summer courses

The International Summer Courses run by the Foreign Language Center (FZHB) are open to participants from all over the world who want to learn German in Bremen. The four-week courses take place at three levels: Beginner, Advanced and Intermediate / Advanced. Studying the German language and culture will also take place outside of the classroom. All students will take a tour through the city of Bremen, visit local companies and institutions, be taken on excursion to the North Sea etc...

More multilingualism programs

The Language Center

The Language Center of the Universities in the Federal State of Bremen (SZHB) is a joint institution of the four public Bremen universities. Its responsibilities include subject-specific language training and cross-disciplinary language training in 21 languages, holding language examinations, the development of language curricula, and the promotion of multilingualism.

Cultural Institutes

The University of Bremen and the Language Center cooperate for the languages ​​German, French, Spanish and Chinese with the Bremen-based cultural institutes Goethe-Institut, Institut Français, Instituto Cervantes, Confucius Institute.

DAAD Language Courses

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides an overview of language courses at universities abroad, as well as other contact addresses and information.