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Internationality is a strategic profiling objective of the University of Bremen. We see internationalization as a process that extends into all areas of the university. As a University with an international flair, we welcome people from more than 100 nations who live, study and work on our campus. They enrich our teaching and research and are a core element of our success.

Studying at the University of Bremen opens up opportunities for a range of versatile international experiences. Our teaching and research activities are internationally oriented and networked worldwide. The University of Bremen promotes and supports all members in benefiting from its internationality, but also in contributing towards it.

In awareness of its responsibility to society in general, the University of Bremen works together with partners on finding solutions to pressing global challenges and contributes to sustainable development worldwide.

Internationalization strategy

The internationalization strategy sets the University’s goals in the frame of internationalization for the next decade. It defines priorities and regional issues and promotes the further development as well as the strategic orientation of global cooperation.

Strategy 2018-2028 is currently work in progress in the context of a university-wide discussion process. The new strategy will further enhance profile building and take into account the development of internationalization at all levels of the University over recent years. It links into the vision and the goals of the University’s overall strategy.

The previous internationalization strategy was published in 2011

Internationalization Strategy 2011-2017

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The University of Bremen is committed to multilingualism: In 2017 it was one of the first universities in Germany to publish a language policy which makes recommendations for the use of language in science and everyday University life. Our students acquire the language skills they need for careers on the German as well as the international job market. The University encourages and actively supports all its members to learn new languages, to make use of their native language in everyday working life, and to help breathe life into multilingualism on the campus.

Language Policy


Strategic partnerships

Our strategic partner universities are characterized by extensive contacts and cooperation in research and teaching in diverse subjects as well as their comparability in terms of size, objectives, and resources. There is a mutual agreement to sustainably develop the partnership together.




Alumni international

Stay in touch! Together with the alumni association, we maintain a worldwide network of alumni. No matter if your stay in Bremen was for studying, research or work – we offer numerous events and worthwhile information. There are several regional groups spread around the world. Our “Research Ambassadors” contribute to visibility and networking.

Alumni e.V.


Stays abroad

We offer students and teachers a variety of options for a stay abroad: Whether within Europe via the ERASMUS program, outside Europe at one of our partner universities worldwide, or even on individual personal initiative at the foreign university of choice. Whether you want to study, undertake an internship or a teaching or research stay, you will find more information here:

Studies & internships abroad

Teaching abroad


As part of the kompass program, the International Office realizes numerous international and intercultural projects for and with international and German students. The events, organized by students on their own initiative, allow participation, orientation, a broadening of horizons, sharpening one's view of common issues and interests, and building bridges into the professional future. Welcoming and open to everyone!


Welcome Center

The Welcome Centre offers visiting international scholars and scientists advice and information on their stay in Bremen. We answer questions about visas, residence permits, insurance and child care and offer help in finding accommodation. In addition, we offer a comprehensive program of events.





Displaced persons

The University of Bremen offers prospective students, students and researchers who have had to flee from their home countries various ways to access the University.

Prospective students and students will find support in the HERE AHEAD - office.

The Welcome Center is there to help visiting scholars and scientists.


International Office

Address for visitors

Universität Bremen
International Office
Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 7
28359 Bremen

Mailing address

Universität Bremen
International Office
Bibliothekstr. 1.
28359 Bremen


Vice-President Diversity and International

Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Feichtner


Internationalization Officers of the Faculties