Research Funding

Central Research Funding

The Central Research Funding of the University of Bremen supports research at all career levels and is intended to contribute to profile building, the promotion of young researchers and the strengthening of third-party funding.

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"Impuls Forschung" extended

The Association of North German Universities (VNU) uses the "Impuls Forschung" format to promote the initiation, strengthening and expansion of research collaborations between its member universities. Up to €5,000 can be applied for to prepare collaborations. The program is aimed at scientists with doctorates from all VNU universities (Bremen, Greifswald, Groningen, Hamburg, Kiel, Lüneburg, Lübeck, Oldenburg, Rostock). Applications are possible at any time. Contact person at the University of Bremen for the program is Julia Sievers (julia.sieversprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Training Program "YUFE4Postdocs"

TheYUFE Universities are pleased to announce two calls for 51 postdoctoral positions, open to all disciplines, under the overarching theme of "Urban Opportunities and Challenges." The first call runs from 1 March to 7 May 2023 and focuses on "Sustainability" and "Digital Societies" and the second call runs from 1 October to 31 December 2023 and focuses on "Citizens' Well-Being" and "European Identity."

Globus mit Afrika im Zentrum

Special Funding Program from the State of Bremen to Research Bremen's Colonialism

With this special program, the state of Bremen supports funding initiatives that aim to address new academic ideas and research approaches in order to contribute to a broader discussion and exchange on the topic of "Bremen's Colonialism". 

Forscher bei der Arbeit

Research funding program from the Bremen Fund (“Bremen-Fonds”)

This special program of the state aims to support research that deals with the diverse effects of digital change on individuals and society. The aim is to create an empirical basis in order to shape digitization responsibly. This call for proposals is aimed at researchers from all of Bremen's state universities (University of Bremen, Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, Bremerhaven University, Bremen University of the Arts). More information in German

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YERUN - Research Mobility Award will be announced again in 2022.

The 5th call for the YERUN Research Mobility Award is open (13 July), application deadline is 10 July 2022.

Bremen is a member of the "Young European Research Universities - YERUN", a network of the 50 best European universities under the age of 50 according to the QS ranking. In order to increase cooperation between the partner universities, the YERUN network announces an annual Research Mobility Award. Doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers (up to eight years after receiving their doctorate) can apply for €1000 to network via virtual formats and initiate research collaborations.


Internationalization Fund

In order to enable the scientists of the university to deepen more extensive projects in terms of internationalization, the University Executive Board provides additional funds annually through an internationalization fund.

Information on the call for proposals can be found on the website of the Internationalization Fund.


Erasmus Lecturer Mobility

Within the framework of the ERASMUS program, lecturers have the opportunity to carry out a teaching assignment at an ERASMUS partner university. Eligible for funding are members of the university, explicitly including doctoral students who are involved in teaching. Funding is provided by the sending university.


Wissenschaftler im Gespräch

Fellowship programme for at-risk scholars of the State of Bremen

The Senator for Science, Health, and Consumer Protection of the State of Bremen supports young scientists whose scientific work in their home country is endangered due to persecution and threats. Aim of the funding is to enable the scientists to continue their research at the University of Bremen. The call includes fellowships for Postdocs and PhD candidates.

Transfer of knowledge and technology

CAMPUSiDEEN Competition

CAMPUSiDEEN is a joint ideas competition of the University of Bremen, the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, the Bremerhaven University, and the Bremer Aufbau-Bank, which is organized by BRIDGE. The annual competition for business ideas and business plans, each with sponsor-supported prizes worth over €17,000, rounds off the respective BRIDGE event year.



Equal Opportunities

plan m - Mentoring in Science

Are you a woman, have a PhD and are aiming for a career in science? Apply for the mentoring program “plan m” of the Equal Opportunity Office. University-wide, one mentoring program for women in either social sciences and humanities or natural sciences, technology and engineering is offered on a biannually basis.



navigare - Career Coaching for Women in Science

The Equal Opportunities Office offers customized services for third-party funded research institutions, such as the coaching program "navigare" for MIMENIMA and MARUM/GLOMAR.