Research Institutions & Projects

Research within the Faculties

Research takes place in many locations at the university. Research in the individual disciplines is based primarily in the twelve departments and the MARUM research faculty with its working groups and research institutes.

Analyse und Interpretation von Originalzeichnungen des 16. Jahrhunderts
ITB im Gebäude ECOTEC

Central Research Units ZWE

Central Research Units (ZWE) are scientific institutions outside of faculties and are the responsibility of the Academic Senate. A scientific institution is only established as a ZWE by the Academic Senate of the university if its objectives and tasks are interdisciplinary or cross-institutional, a common focus topic is formulated, and it is of central strategic importance for the University of Bremen.

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Doctoral Programs

The University of Bremen offers doctoral programs in all scientific fields. In these programs, young researchers are given the opportunity to conduct independent research and intensive professional exchange, participate in specially designed courses, and benefit from innovative forms of supervision.


The University of Bremen’s Central Research Development Fund (CRDF)

In 1976, the university established its own Central Research Development Fund (CRDF) to support researchers in the implementation of their ideas and projects. A special focus is on profile building, the promotion of young talent, and the preparation of applications for third-party funding. The Research Committees and the Young Researcher Committee consider the incoming applications and make subsequent recommendations to the University Executive Board for funding. Here you will find an overview of currently funded projects.


Ongoing Projects and Grants from Third-Party Funds

German Research Foundation (DFG) Funding

Bremen researchers are very successful in acquiring funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG), which accounts for about 40 percent of total external research funding. Longer-running institutions funded by the DFG are the university’s five Collaborative Research Centers.


Federal Funding

The federal government supports research in various framework programs, in which many Bremen researchers receive support.


EU Funding

Horizon 2020, COST, Interreg – here you will find an overview of the participation of Bremen researchers in European Union programs, including 18 individual grants from the European Research Council (ERC) for members of the University of Bremen.