Teaching at elementary schools

To teach at elementary schools, you have to study three subjects in the consecutive Bachelor / Master structure:

  1. Bachelor of “Educational Sciences of Primary and Pre-primary Education”
    6 semesters, 180 CP, standard period of study 3 years  
  2. Master of Education Elementary School (from winter semester 2014/15)
    4 semesters, 120 CP, standard period of study 2 years


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Subject combinations

You study two majors and one minor subject.

German and elementary mathematics are compulsory. You are free to choose the third subject. Which of the subjects you choose as a minor is up to you.

Required subjects


It is not possible to completely avoid overlapping when studying three courses at the same time. However, the University of Bremen strives to provide a largely non-overlapping course offer.

Double qualification or academic specialty

Doppelqualifikation mit Lehramt Inklusive Pädagogik/Sonderpädagogik

The three-subject bachelor's program "BiPEb" plus the Master of Education for elementary schools always qualifies for the professional goal of teaching at elementary schools.

You can then complete the traineeship in-school traineeship, either with the aim of teaching at elementary schools or with the goal if you take "Inclusive Education" as one of your three majors of teaching in inclusive education / special-needs (Include pedagogy / special education ) education.

Academic specialty in elementary education

If you wish, you can focus on elementary education (website only in German) in the Bachelor's degree. This is only possible with the following combination of subjects:

Sachunterricht (major), combined with German and elementary mathematics

In addition to qualifying for the Master of Education elementary school, you also have the option of transitioning into occupational fields in pre-school education or master's programs in the field of early childhood education.

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  • For students of the University of Bremen, who have started their bachelor studies before the winter semester 2011/12 and are studying according to an expiring examination regulations, a different study structure applies !