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You are interested in receiving our publications? You can order a brochure, the university yearbook or subscribe free of charge to our uni-magazin "update." here.

The magazines update. are lying next to each other.


University of Bremen Magazine

It’s time for an update! The magazine update. will inform you about the university and what inspires people on and around campus. The magazine portrays the university in all its facets: It provides clear and comprehensible insights into research, teaching, studies and campus life. update. appears once every semester in a German and English Version.

Online Magazin up2date. on tablet


University of Bremen Online Magazine

Our online magazine “up2date.” presents current news from the fields of research teaching, studies, campus life, higher education policy, and transfer into society. Amongst other things, professors explain scientific phenomenon, people who work and live on campus tell us about their favorite books, and you can find out more about some of the curiosities in public areas, such as art and buildings. The magazine is published in German and English.

University Yearbook

Every year the University published a new yearbook. This German/English publication reports on the important events of the past year of campus life in a lively and interesting way. For instance, the Yearbook includes an illustrated chronicle, the latest statistics on the situation anf development of the University and a feature section on teaching or research.


Brochure: "The University of Bremen"

The brochure gives an overview over the international and diverse connections between the University and the world.



Bremer Uni-Schlüssel (BUS) and highlights

It’s time for an update. That’s what the Press Relations Office at the University of Bremen thought after having published the Bremer Uni-Schlüssel (BUS) university newspaper and the highlights information magazine for many years. The result is the new magazine, update., which will inform you about the university and what inspires people on and around campus. Of course, you can still browse through the old issues of the Bremer Uni-Schlüssel (BUS) and the highlights magazine.