Improvement of Grade Point Average/Reduced Waiting Period

Application for Improvement of Grade Point Average/Application for Reduced Waiting Period

These applications can be submitted if, during time in school, special circumstances have led to the applicant’s university entrance certificate (such as Abitur) being worse than expected or having taken them longer to obtain.

Reasons could be, for example:

  • prolonged periods of absence from school due to illness during the last three years before obtaining the university entrance qualification (such as hospital stays or in-patient rehabilitation measures),
  • a degree of severe disability of 50 or more,
  • other comparable health-related impairments.

The application letter must state how the impairment has led to the fact that the university entrance qualification has resulted in lower grades than would have been expected after the previous achievements or why the acquisition of the university entrance qualification has been delayed.

A statement from the school must be submitted as proof. This statement should clearly show how the personal situation has affected the applicant’s school performance and the concrete higher grade point average the applicant would have achieved or when the university entrance qualification would have been obtained had the negative impact not occurred.

Since the deadline for enrollment at universities usually ends during school holidays, please obtain the school statement as early as possible.