Quality Assurance

Promoting Quality Culture!

University of Bremen has been granted system accreditation.

The top priority of the University of Bremen is the high quality of teaching and research.

In close cooperation between the Faculties, University Executive Board, University Administration and the Academic Senate, requirements have been agreed on with regard to quality guidelines and recommendations that, for example, deal with the structuring of studies, the imparting of key qualifications, and compatibility of studying with family life. The University of Bremen uses both internal and external quality assurance tools, which are linked to each other and foster a quality culture in teaching.

The University of Bremen sees quality management as a central cross-cutting task that encompasses numerous dimensions and serves to promote and improve the quality of study in the area of teaching and studying. This is achieved through the continuous development of quality goals at Faculty and University level and their monitoring, especially in the context of the perspective talks and QM discussions. The basis for the “Quality Cycle of Teaching” is the Statute for Quality Management and Evaluation in Teaching and Studies at the University of Bremen.


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