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Academic self-governance

The Academic Senate

The Academic Senate (AS) is the most important self-governance body of the University of Bremen. It is responsible for all fundamental decisions concerning the University’s development. The members are composed of twelve professors, four students, four mid-level faculty representatives, and two administrative and technical staff. The President is Chairman of the Academic Senate, but has no voting rights.

More information can be found on the Website of the Academic Senate.

The General Student Committee

The General Student Committee – German abbreviation: AStA – represents the interests of the student body. The AStA is divided into several units that, for example, represent student’s views on university policies, gender equity, conditions on campus, culture, and student sport. In addition, the AStA​​​​​​​ offers a comprehensive range of services that are open to all students of the University of Bremen. These include advisory services such as social counseling, car rental and sports. The AStA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ is elected by the highest student body, the Student Council (SR).

More information is available on the AStA website.