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Study Buddy

What is the Study Buddy program?

The Study Buddy helps an international student to find his/her way in Bremen quickly. Whether it is a campus tour, a coffee in the Viertel or a typical sightseeing; you decide what you're doing together!

The placement usually depends on study fields and same interests. It takes place at the beginning of the semester.

With this program you can...

  • socialize with people coming from all over the world
  • practise your foreign languages
  • find new friends
  • prepare you for a stay abroad
  • pass on experiences abroad

Apart from that, the Study-Buddy-Team organizes trips on a regular basis so you will get to know all the other Buddys as well. In the pictures below you can see some impressions of some of our trips.

The International Office issues a certificate for participation in the Study Buddy Program. You will receive a certificate of participation when you submit a personal experience report on the program. You can find the template here.

If you are interested, you can apply here.

Excerpts from testimonials of some participants

Lisa Evers, winter semester 2013/2014

"The task of the buddy is to facilitate the foreign student's stay in Germany - especially Bremen. This refers not only to organizational matters and formalities, but especially to having a "native" connecting person.(...)

Only with regard to clichés my expectations were "disappointed". When I visited Aubérie, she made me pancakes according to a French family recipe, brought me French Nutella and almond spread after her Christmas visit to Paris, and was reliably late to each of our meetings because she either overslept or missed the train."

Luisa Schmidt, winter semester 2017/2018

"The contacting and the first meeting were very relaxed and full of good
good conversations between us. Since *my* Korean buddy didn't have quite as much to do with the other "internationals", I was a little more in demand as a buddy than in my first semester as a buddy. I helped with bank transactions, with setting up the cards, German homework, communication with the professors and much more. Since I still had a great interest in Korean culture, we organized several Korean dinners at my home (with all Koreans of the University of Bremen). Besides that we did many excursions (Freimarkt, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rome) as a couple or with the other Koreans. Thus in the course of the time a friendship - which still lasts."

Larissa Setzer, winter semester 2017/18

"It was just wonderful to meet so many people from other countries and to dance and laugh together with them. I tasted a lot of food from other countries and we took a lot of pictures of all of us. We ate Indian food together or visited a temple in Bremen. (...) All in all, I find the Study Buddy program a huge enrichment in terms of cultural competencies, because you have the opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures. It just brings you an openness towards other ways of life and you develop a different understanding for many situations. I would do it again anytime."

Christin Werner, summer semester 2019

"Overall, I am very happy to have participated in the program. Even though it got off to a bumpy start, I would recommend it to anyone. It's a nice change in everyday study life and definitely doesn't feel like an obligation. Anyone who has studied abroad knows how hard it can be to find your way around in the beginning and how important study buddies can be. My Study Buddy Emma also told me that she needed support, especially in the beginning. What I found especially nice is the gift she brought me from Taiwan, a red folder in a traditional pattern."

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