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02 Conference Participation

Call of the Central Research Development Fund (CRDF)

To enhance the visibility of research in Bremen, scientists of the University of Bremen can receive subsidies for the participation in high ranking conferences.

WHO CAN APPLY? Doctoral candidates accepted by the respective doctoral committee (Promotionsausschuss), Postdocs, (Senior) Researcher and Lecturer and Professors at University of Bremen can apply.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS? Grant-worthy is the active participation in a conference, e.g. speech or poster, at a high ranking national or international conference.

FUNDING CONDITIONS: Preference will be given to applications from researchers in the qualification phase and to international conferences. Further priority goes to applications with no connection to current, third-party funded projects that dispose of sufficient funds to finance the proposed travel. For travel abroad it is required that it has been tried in good time to obtain DAAD funding. Due to the current situation, subsidies to the conference fees can be applied for online conferences.

During the course of their research project, PhD candidates may apply twice for grants up to a maximum of €1,500 (including any funding in the funding line Impulse Grants for Research Projects); all other applicants may submit onc application per year up to an amount of €2,500. Due to limited funds, a maximum of one grant per person per calendar year is possible in the funding line Impulse for Research Projects or in the funding line Conference Participation.

PROCEDURE: The Central Research Development Fund uses lump sums in this funding line. Applications for travel subsidies can be handed in at any time up to two weeks before the start of the conference. The decision on these applications is made by the Research Funding Committee´s Office.

The University of Bremen supports the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). ORCID is a free, not-for-profit service offering each researcher a unique digital identifier. This helps researchers to distinguish their work and helps funders link researcher output to funding.  If you apply for CRDF funding, we will ask for your ORCID identifier. 
If you have no ID yet, please visit ORCID.


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