Das Goldene Plietsch

Promotion 2021 - Das Goldene Plietsch

DAS GOLDENE PLIETSCH 2021 for the BIND: Bike Friend project

Creating meaning and knowledge in the anniversary year

Everything is different this year as part of MACHT SINN!
The decision on which projects will receive the "Das Goldene Plietsch" sponsorship award was made at a public event on 1 November 2021 - and you decided!

We were looking for bold and innovative ideas that contribute to current social challenges. Projects on nature conservation and climate protection were included as well as social cohesion, renewable energies and education. The jury, made up of representatives from the participating foundations and the alumni association, voted together with the audience in the Olbers Hall and on the screens to decide which projects should be honoured with a total of 30,000 euros.

Dr Eva Schöck-Quinteros, Peter Lüchinger, Marcel Golczyk and Raul Clermont won the Golden Plietsch for 8,000 euros for the 18th project in the "From the files to the stage" series, Chile: On the way to a new democracy? Among other things, the project team will examine the consequences of the Chilean military dictatorship (1973-1990) and the trade in raw materials with Germany, which has lasted for more than 100 years and has also made many Bremen merchants rich. The project is part of the successful event series "From the files to the stage".

Dr Dennis Philipp and Dr Christian Pfeifer received 6,000 euros for "From Bremen to Space - Aiming High with Science" They want to get young people interested in space travel and increase public acceptance of science. Plans include a social media campaign, public lectures (Haus der Wissenschaft, "Science goes public"), a summer academy for school pupils and a mentoring programme for students in their first semesters and Prof. Rita Groß-Hardt, Silvia Blum, Jens Schellhass for "Radio Hertz-Rhythmus", which is setting up a radio station aimed specifically at listeners over 70 and created by people of this age themselves. Pupils and students will also be involved in the production. Only music created before 1970 will be played. With their original presentations on Monday evening at the Haus der Wissenschaft, the four prizewinners beat five other great projects that had qualified for the final.

The Golden Plietsch, endowed with 10,000 euros, was awarded on Monday evening to Dr Wanli Yu and Prof Alberto Garcia-Ortiz for their project BIND: Bike Friend, which aims to ensure greater safety and sustainability on the roads with intelligent bicycles. The researchers want to use the prize money to equip bicycles with an intelligent sensor system that measures the current speed and the distance to other road users. If a collision is imminent, the self-learning system warns with a vibration signal. If the intelligent bike is parked for a longer period of time, the system acts as an anti-theft device and sends a warning message to the bike owner's smartphone in the event of unusual movements. University Rector Professor Scholz-Reiter and Chancellor Frauke Meyer presented the awards.