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Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter

The chief digital officer CDO advises the University Executive Board on all relevant issues, processes, and organizational questions pertaining to digitalization. He takes on a coordinating, integrating, and managerial function for the comprehensive digitalization of learning and teaching, research, and administration at the university. The crisis concerning the corona pandemic currently intensifies the general challenges for digitalization and its management.

CDO Goals

The goals of the CDO’s work are to create effective governance for the organization of the digital transformation. Together with the relevant agents, he develops strategic aims and manages their implementation within the institution under special consideration of user needs. He also ensures that activities adhere to the Strategy 2018-2028, the relevant partial strategies, and especially the digital transformation strategy that is currently being created.

CDO Role

The CDO is a commissioner of the University Executive Board. He holds the authority to set specialist guidelines for the implementation of the university-wide digital transformation strategy. He is responsible for the technical, organizational, and user-oriented integration and coordination of all activities in the fields of digital information and communication as well as the application of information technologies and connected investment recommendations. The current service and support facilities remain the first place of contact for all related tasks.

The CDO acts as the liaison person between the University Executive Board and the central centers, the line duties, and representatives of the target groups. New regular communication and steering groups are to be established step by step in order for effective coordination within the institutions to take place.

In the development phase, the Staff Unit for Strategic Initiatives (SPE) will provide support.

The CDO represents the field externally, whether this be in regard to coordination with other universities, the scientific authority, or national committees, for example concerning data protection.  

Portrait of a smiling man
Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, Chief Digital Officer of the University of Bremen


Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter is Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The University of Bremen Executive Board commissioned him to take on this role from April 1, 2020.

Andreas Breiter is a professor of applied computer science with a focus on information and knowledge management in education and is also executive director of the Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH (ifib). His research focusses on processes of digital transformation in education and administration institutions. Between 2015 and 2020, he was vice president research at the University of Bremen