Degrees at the University of Bremen

Bachelor’s, master’s, state examination, teaching degree: Which qualifications are there? What career options can I pursue with my degree? What are the differences between a teaching bachelor’s and other bachelor's degrees? On these pages we would like to inform you in detail about the various university degrees you can obtain at the University of Bremen.


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Bachelor & Master

The University of Bremen has converted all its degree programs to the Bachelor / Master system. Bachelor’s and master’s are tiered degrees. After completing a bachelor's program of 6 semesters (7 semesters in exceptional cases), you will leave the University with a first professional degree. Or you go on to continue your studies in a 3- to 4-semester master's program.



Teaching Degrees

Teacher training consists of three parts: the bachelor's program, the subsequent master's program, and the Referendariat-  a period of practical in-school training. The Master of Education is equal to the former First State Examination. After completing the master's program, there follows an 18-month Referendariat period of practical in-school training that concludes with a second state examination.



State Exam / First Law Examination

Education in law consists of two parts: The study of law and the Referendariat  period of practical training. The first state law exam is taken at the end of the 9-semester study program. The second state law exam is taken after a subsequent 24-month period of practical training.