Academic Adjustment for Program-Specific Requirements

For some degree programs, you must provide proof that you possess certain knowledge or skills before starting your course. These program-specific requirements include preparatory internships or language skills. If you are unable to meet these requirements in the intended form due to a chronic illness or disability, you may submit an application for academic adjustment. Once this has been approved, there are alternative ways to fulfill the program-specific requirements. Academic adjustments for program-specific requirements refer to the format of the required coursework, the quality standards are not affected by this. The prerequisites are therefore not made easier, but the framework conditions for the fulfillment of the requirements are adapted to the individual situation.

This regulation applies only to undergraduate degree programs, i.e. bachelor’s degree programs and Law (First Legal Examination) and not to master’s degree programs.

How do I submit an application?

  • To submit your application, you will need your student application number. Therefore, first, you will need to submit an application to study at the university via the moin website.
  • Submit your application as early as possible, but no later than the application deadline.
  • Please submit the completed and signed application by mail or in person to the Student Office.
  • In your application, you must explain, in your own words, that due to a disability or chronic illness, you are unable to fulfill the specific requirements of the degree program in the intended form. You will also need to submit a medical certificate or a confirmation from a psychotherapist.
  • In your application, please make specific suggestions as to how you intend to provide evidence of meeting the required specific course requirements in an alternative form. You should coordinate this in advance with the Career Orientation Office  of the responsible faculty (for internships) or with the Language Centre (for language certificates).
  • As soon as a decision has been made on your application, you will be informed by email. If your application is rejected, you will also be notified.
  • The deadline for providing evidence of the program-specific requirements (if necessary in an alternative form upon approval of your application for academic adjustment) will be communicated in your letter of acceptance. If the program-specific requirements are not met, you cannot be enrolled.

Application for academic adjustment for program-specific requirements (pdf)