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The University of Bremen is a campus university. It is located on the edge of the city, near a park (the Stadtwald) and a lake (the Uni-See).
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Directions to the University of Bremen
Site Plan

Public Transport

Bremen has an efficient public transport system. Buses and trams (BSAG) are usually on time and reliable. Students can use all buses and trams free of charge with the Semesterticket (valid area).
With the semester ticket students can also go to Hamburg, Hannover, Osnabrück, Oldenburg and other cities with regional trains (no IC or ICE).

Close to the city center is the Bremen city airport, from where destinations all over Europe can be reached: Airport Bremen

Rent a car - cambio Bremen
Rent a bicycle - ADFC Fahrradverleih

Budget and Cost of Living

The costs of living and studying

The standard of living is high in Germany. Currently students should calculate at least 800 euro per month. Since the rent in big cities are increasing, especially accommodation is rather expensive (at present single rooms are around 300 – 550 euro depending on location, size and quality).

Costs of study material

Students should also calculate some money to pay for books and other study material. Depending on the study program, costs can be around 230 – 370 euro per semester. On top of this, it is impossible to study in any program without a computer or laptop. Some departments and faculties as well as the university library provide the use of communal computer facilities. However, a personal computer would be of advantage.

Travel costs

Students should inquire about special student rates and other discounts from more than one travel agency before they book their ticket to come to Germany.

Social charges (“Sozialgebühren”)

The social charges include the financial support of the "Studierendenwerk Bremen", the "AStA" and the Semesterticket. Every university has its own “Studierendenwerk Bremen” (Student Welfare Services), which finances facilities like the Mensa (refectory), cafeterias, student residences, sport facilities and so on. The AStA is the Student Union of the University of Bremen and supports the rights of all students.

In addition to the social charges, there is also an extra charge for the semesterticket. The Semesterticket allows students to use the different means of public transport in and around Bremen free of charge for a period of six months.
All students contribute by paying social charges via the semester contribution ("Semesterbeitrag") and are entitled to make use of all the facilities provided.

Working in Germany

Information on earning additional income during studies and working in Germany.

The Career Centerof the University of Bremen can provide information on how to find work and offers career support.

Bank Account

It is recommended to check the account conditions (e.g. management fees) and the location or availability of branches before opening an account. Some banks offer special student accounts free of charge.

Please note: In Germany, it is not customary to send checks by post to the recipient of the payment (for example to the landlord).

Health and Medical Services

In Germany, there are general practitioners as well as specialists in each field (eg. radiologists, optometrists, dermatologists, etc.). In case of illness, it is normal to go to a general practitioner (Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin) first. He/she will send the patient to a specialist if necessary. It is recommendable to make an appointment before going to the doctor.
Everyone has free choice in the selection of their doctor.

Search portals for Doctors:
- Arzt-Auskunft
- Kassenärztliche Vereinigung

For an appointment, a valid health insurance (e.g. EHIC card), a proof of matriculation at the University of Bremen, and an ID / Passport are needed.
At night or on the weekend, we recommend contacting the emergency medical services (phone numbers below) or going directly to the hospital.
Emergency phone numbers
- Police: 110
- Fire Services: 112
- Emergency Medical Services/ Ambulance: 112
Emergency Medical Care (Nights and Weekends):
- Emergency Doctors: +49 421 / 19292
- Medical Emergency Portal: +49 421 / 116117
- Emergency Pediatric Doctor: +49 421 / 3404444
- "Giftinformationszentrum Nord" (Poison Information Center North): +49 551 / 19240

Emergency Pharmacies Bremen (search by zip code)

Pharmacies search

Hospitals Bremen

First Aid - an illustrated health dictionary (Information brochure by Deutsches Studentenwerk)

Pharmacies and Medicine

In Germany, medicine is only available in pharmacies. There are two types of medicine: available with or without a prescription.

The German law on medicine is strict - most medicine is only available with a prescription (e.g. antibiotics) and pharmacies will not provide them without a prescription from a doctor. In this case, a doctor must be consulted first in order to get a prescription for medicine available in pharmacies. Most health insurances generally cover most of the cost of medicine. There might be an additional fee of around 5-10 Euro.

At night or on the weekend, we recommend contacting the emergency pharmacy service (Apotheken-Notdienst). Information on which pharmacy to contact in this case can be found in the newspaper or on the Internet.

Psychological and Social Support

The "Studierendenwerk Bremen" offers support to students in situations of psychological or social crisis.


Psychological counselling

Social counselling

"Arbeitsstelle gegen Diskriminierung und Gewalt" (Workgroup against Discrimination and Violence) of the University of Bremen (ADE)


Contacts für support in personal crisis

What to do in case of an emergency at the University of Bremen