Fellowship programme for at-risk scholars

Scholarship programme of the State of Bremen

Call for proposals

While in Germany the freedom of science is constitutionally guaranteed, this is not the case in many other countries. The State of Bremen and the University of Bremen consider this development with concern and are committed to strengthening academic freedom worldwide.

The Senator for Science, Harbors, and Justice (at the time for Science, Health and Consumer Protection) of the State of Bremen therefore supports young scientists whose scientific work in their home country is endangered due to persecution and threats. Through grant funding, the senator enables these scientists to continue their research at the University of Bremen.

The following fellowships are available:

  1. PhD candidates: two scholarships for a period of one year each with the aim to finalize their PhD work (one-time extension of 6 months possible); monthly funding of 1,500 €, plus a family allowance;
  2. Postdocs: two scholarships for a period of one year each (one-time extension of a second year possible); monthly funding of 2.000 €, plus a family allowance.

Target groups:

  1. Doctoral candidates in the final phase of their thesis who clearly demonstrate that they will complete during the funding period,
  2. Postdoctoral candidates with a completed doctorate.

Researchers of all disciplines who have had to flee their home country due to armed conflict, political or religious persecution, or who are still in their home country but are unable to continue their scientific work for one of the above reasons, are eligible to apply. The date of leaving the country may not be more than three years before the submission of the application.

Persons who have access to a safe country of residence on the basis of dual citizenship as well as German citizens are unable to apply.

Application procedure:

There is currently no open call for applications! The following documents must be uploaded with the application form:

  • a confirmation of supervision by your mentor of the University of Bremen outlining the integration of the research topic into the working group and the prospects for integration into the (academic) labour market following the funding;
  • documentation of the scientific qualification, curriculum vitae, certificates, list of previous publications;
  • the outline of the research project (max. 3 pages) plus a time schedule covering the period of funding;
  • proof of situational personal risk,
    • either proven by a residence status in the context of an asylum procedure indicating a recognised threat,
    • or confirmed by a credible proof of risk issued no more than 12 months prior to application by a third party, e.g. Scholars at Risk (SAR)
  • proof of language proficiency required for the successful implementation of the research project. 


** Without a mentor the scholarship is not possible!**


There is currently no open call for applications.


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