All about studying

Studying is not just about attending events and learning for exams. Whether you're bringing up children at the same time, have a health problem, need some help with finances, engage in student initiatives, or are just looking for some sports to do; there are lots of topics that you need information about and possibly also support. On these pages you will find some helpful tips about the varied Bremen campus life.


Campus: Things you should know and tips

Even the most everyday needs are catered for on campus: Whether it's food, sports or shopping – we have put together lots of useful tips for you here.



Living in Bremen

New university? New city? No matter whether you just moved to Bremen or are looking for a new place to stay: Here you will find important information on searching for a room, apartment or a dorm.



Student finance and jobs

Life as a student is not cheap. Here you will find an overview of what to expect and some options to finance your studies.



Student engagement

Be active and participate! As a student of the University of Bremen, you can join groups involved in university politics, in your degree program, in the Student Council or in the AStA and thus become actively involved in shaping your situation as well as that of you fellow students.



Family Friendly Studying (in German)

The University of Bremen is committed to being a family-friendly university. There is a strong focus on making studying and work compatible with bringing up children or caring for relatives. The student working-group “family-friendly studying” works on the continuous improvement of the situation of students with children. Find out more about family-friendly studies here. 



Barrier-free Studies (in German)

Studying with a disability or a chronic illness takes a huge effort and numerous obstacles have to be overcome. The aim of the University of Bremen is to enable these students to take equal and independent participation in studies and university life and to offer targeted information and counseling services. Here you will learn everything about studying with disabilities.