Study in Europe with YUFE

Two students working on a laptop.

More than just studying

Studying internationally and in Europe creates valuable opportunities and lasting memories: professional and personal development in a European network!
You can use YUFE flexibly for your own studies and thus create your own personal European Student Journey. Both virtually and physically - be part of it! You determine the scope; from just one course to an entire semester abroad, everything is possible.

  • Academic courses in English or in the local language
  • on site Language courses in e.g. Spanish or Finnish (and many more) and language cafés for practising and making international contacts
  • Project-based collaboration with companies in challenge teams
  • Voluntary work on site


Get to know more about your opportunities with YUFE!

Info Events at the University of Bremen:

11.4.2024, 15 - 15:45 on Zoom: 

Meeting-ID: 627 2532 4916, Kenncode: 238957

7.5.2024, 15:30 - 16:15 on Campus: SFG 0340

21.5.2024, 11 - 11:45 on Zoom: 

Meeting-ID: 627 2532 4916, Kenncode: 238957


YUFE Open Days (for all 10 Universities; in English)

16.4.2024, 11-13  Anmeldung: Meeting-Registrierung - Zoom

13.5.2024, 11-13  Anmeldung: Meeting-Registrierung - Zoom