Innovative Spaces

Young people work at a laptop.

Contemporary education promotes the skills required for active participation in society and the economy. Learning, research and work processes are undergoing a comprehensive transformation as a result of digitalization, lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important, and sustainable action is being established as a guiding principle. Student-centered learning formats promote individually flexible, collaborative, project-based, research-based, and digital learning and require an innovative learning space design to support these formats.

In a participatory process in 2022, spatial concepts for parts of a new lecture hall and event center to be planned at the University of Bremen were discussed and designed. Funded by the "Learning Architectures" program line of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, students, teaching staff members, employees from teaching support units, the SuUB and the planning architects contributed their experiences and requirements with the involvement of the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies.

On the following pages you will find information on teaching and learning spaces at the university
  • EFA – A room for everyone
    The EFA room is a course room at the University of Bremen that has been designed to be barrier-free and shows how room design can support different didactic considerations. As a joint project of Faculty 12, the Inclusive Education Unit and University Didactics, the EFA Room promotes innovative and inclusive teaching and learning concepts.
    EFA stands for: Exemplary For All, One For All, Simply For All or Education For All. EFA is intended to serve as a model for inclusive learning spaces, to inspire and to show that it is not just about creating a single barrier-free space. The furnishing and equipment of the room was funded by the University of Bremen.
  • Hybrid Learning Spaces
  • Learning and working spaces for students - University of Bremen (