Information and Contacts

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Questions and Counseling

For sensitive personal inquiries and inquiries with a request for confidentiality, please feel free to contact the ombudspersons.
All other questions should be clarified with the working group, the working unit, or the faculty and institute, depending on the subject specificity.

Suspicion of Academic Misconduct

Complainants and Respondents

"The responsible bodies at HEIs and non-HEI research institutions (normally ombudspersons and investigating committees) examining allegations of misconduct take appropriate measures to protect both the complainant and the respondent. The investigation of allegations of research misconduct must be carried out in strict confidentiality and adhere to the presumption of innocence. The information disclosed by the complainant must be provided in good faith. Knowingly false or malicious allegations may themselves constitute misconduct. The disclosure should not disadvantage the research or professional career prospects of either the complainant or the respondent."

Source: Guideline 18, Code of Conduct "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice"

Procedures in Cases of Alleged Research Misconduct

"HEIs and non-HEI research institutions establish procedures to handle allegations of research misconduct. They define policies and regulations on the basis of a sufficient legal foundation. The regulations define the circumstances that constitute misconduct, procedural rules and the measures to take should an allegation be upheld. Regulations are applied in addition to relevant higher-level laws."

Source: Guideline 4, Code of Conduct "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice"


If you suspect academic misconduct, please contact the ombudspersons:

Humanities and Arts:
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Hella Borchers
Factuly 9, +49 421 218-67820

Prof. Dr. Gisela Febel
Faculty 10, +49 421 218.68420

Natural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach
FB 5, +49 421 218 65400

Prof. Dr. Manfred Herrmann
FB 2, +49 421 218 68730