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Academic Career Paths in the Mid-Level Sector

With the job categories (Senior) Lecturer and (Senior) Researcher, the University of Bremen offers academics permanent positions in the academic mid-level sector, independent of a professorship. The potential target group for positions as Lecturer or Researcher are early career academics with a doctorate and some initial experience as a postdoc. After a tenure phase, which is limited to four years, a successful evaluation leads to permanent employment as a Senior Researcher and Senior Lecturer.

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Information for Applicants

Researcher/Lecturer: The right path for me?

Here you will find information about the target group of the job category, the selection procedure and general information about the job category.

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Information for selected candidates and holder of the positions

Are you working as a (Senior) Researcher or (Senior) Lecturer at the University of Bremen?

Here you will find information on the target agreement and the evaluation process at the end of the tenure track phase.

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Informations for selections und evaluation committees

Are you involved in a selection or evaluation procedure in your faculty?

Here you will find information on the implementation of selection and evaluation procedures (internal area).

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Ellen Laurer

Institution Dezernat Akademische Angelegenheiten (Dez 1),
Institution Hochschulentwicklungsplanung (HEP)

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