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Internationalization Fund

Applications for the internationalization fund are not possible at the moment.

INTERNATIONALIZATION FUND: 2021/22 Call for Applications

Internationality has been one of University of Bremen’s key objectives since its foundation in 1971. Today, it has visibility and a network throughout the whole world. It strives to offer diverse internationally-oriented study programs with a global perspective to students and ideal conditions for excellent research and teaching to researchers from around the world.

Funding objective

In order to allow the University's researchers to initiate larger projects in accordance with the Internationalization Strategy, additional funds are made available annually by the University Executive Board through an internationalization fund.
Funding will be given exclusively to projects that are directed towards setting a new impulse for longer-term internationalization projects in fields of teaching or research. The projects are expected to have long-lasting effects that go beyond the one-time activity, which must be described in details in the application. Applications must refer to the Internationalization Strategy of the University or department and must explain how the project contributes to the implementation of the strategic goals, to the strengthening of strategic partnerships worldwide, but also in the YUFE and YERUN networks, and to the further development of internationalization.

Due to the corona-related situation, it is expected that no extensive mobility projects are currently planned. Nevertheless, through the Internationalization Fund, there is the opportunity to apply for preparatory and start-up funding or support for digital formats, as well as in anticipation of future activities during the year. The funds are intended to be available to you as needed, also on a short-term and planned basis, which is why applications are possible on an ongoing basis as of now.

For advice and further inquiries, please contact the International Office.

Possible funding models are:

  • initial funding for international cooperation projects (coordination meetings, kick-off workshops, preparatory trips, preparation of applications for third-party funding, unless funded by CRDF - Central Research Development Fund),
  • measures to establish international graduate schools,
  • measures to develop international teaching projects such as international study programmes, international summer programmes, student excursions, (no support for individual and mobility/stay scholarships),
  • exchange projects, provided that they promote the strategic objectives of internationalization (for example the development of digital formats, conferences or workshops at governance/management level),
  • innovative and digital forms of cooperation that deal creatively with the challenges of the current pandemic situation and show possible solutions for future international cooperation.

Qualifying expenses include but are not limited to travel and accommodation, equipment costs, organizational costs, personnel costs (student assistants). Hospitality expenses do not qualify.

Double funding with other funding programs (Central Research Funding, YERUN Research Mobility Award etc.) is excluded.


Dr. Marejke Baethge-Assenkamp

SFG, room 0380
Phone.: +49 421 218-60361
Email: marejke.baethgeprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Silke Prangemeier

SFG, room 0320
Phone: +49-421-218-60364