Berninghausen Prize for excellence in teaching

Every year, the University of Bremen and the “unifreunde” friends of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University award the Berninghausen Prize. The prize, which was established by the family Berninghausen in 1991, honors special achievements in university teaching. Endowed with 6,000 euro, the prize can be awarded in several categories.

All members of the University can nominate members of the teaching faculty for the prize; whereby in the category Student Prize, only the students are allowed to do so. A committee appointed by the Academic Senate prepares the categories and selection criteria under the chairmanship of the Vice President Academics. After careful consideration of the proposals received, the Commission selects the winners and makes its recommendations to the Academic Senate. Since 2012, the award ceremony has been held as part of an annual “Teaching Day”.

Gruppenfoto nach der Preisverleihung. Professor Thomas Hoffmeister, Konrektor für Lehre und Studium, Carl Berninghausen, Sarah Lüdemann, Anna Förster, Wissenschaftsstaatsrat Tim Cordßen, Bengt Beutler von den „unifreunden“ (v.l.).
Professor Thomas Hoffmeister, Carl Berninghausen, Sarah Lüdemann, Anna Förster, Tim Cordßen, Bengt Beutler.