Inventions and Property Rights

Patented inventions are an important factor for the successful implementation of innovations in the market. For the University of Bremen, the inventions, patent applications and registered patents of its scientists form an important basis for knowledge and technology transfer.

Details of the patenting strategy of the University of Bremen can be found here.

One of the goals of the University is the exploitation of its intellectual property: Cooperation is established through suitable agreements and flanked by licensing regulations. With the help of the considerable experience and knowledge already acquired at the University, spin-offs are able to operate under patent protection.


UniTransfer - Transfer Office of the University of Bremen

Inventions and property rights


Dr. Martin Heinlein

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Dr. Stephanie Rabe

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Andrea Dürkop

(WIPANO promotion)

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Information for inventors

You are employed at the University of Bremen and have a new invention? We’re pleased to hear that! Please fill in the invention registration form and submit it to UniTransfer.

If you have any questions or are unsure whether your invention is really new or not, feel free to contact us at UniTransfer.

It is important that no information about the invention reaches the public prematurely, either through a publication, a lecture or e.g. a contribution to the internet presence of your working group.

Technology offers

The University of Bremen has been practicing active invention and patent management for many years and has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights. The commercial exploitation of these rights is an important element of our technology transfer.

You can find the University of Bremen’s technology offers here.

If you as a company are interested in any of the offers, please contact one of the above contact persons at UniTransfer. We look forward to establishing suitable cooperation, e.g. as part of a joint development of the technology or out-licensing to your company.

Our partners

When evaluating inventions, registering and exploiting intellectual property rights, UniTransfer works together with competent external partners. An important service provider is the Bremer Patentverwertungsagentur innoWi GmbH - a corporate participation of the University.

In particular when it comes to the filing of intellectual property rights, we cooperate with various patent law firms. These are often specialized in certain specialist disciplines.