Transparency information for the public

The University of Bremen Foundation acts fairly and transparently when dealing with foundation funds and donations. We make their use transparent through regular reporting.

1. name, registered office, address and year of foundation

    Foundation of the University of Bremen
    Established: 1991 as the "Friends of the University of Bremen and the International University of Bremen" Foundation
    Renamed "Foundation of the University of Bremen" in 2009
    c/o University of Bremen; Bibliothekstr. 1; 28359 Bremen
    Dr Christina Jung (Foundation Manager (DSA))

2. complete statutes and information on the objectives of our organisation

  • Charta of the association
  • The purpose of the foundation is to promote academic research and teaching at the University of Bremen as well as young academics, thereby strengthening their importance in the academic environment.
  • General information on the objectives

3. information on tax benefits

  • Promotion of science and research
  • Promotion of education and vocational training, including student aid

4. name and position of key decision makers

5. Activity report

6. Staff structure

7. Corporate affiliation with third parties

  • The University of Bremen Foundation acts as a funding foundation and trustee. It supports projects by members of the University of Bremen. As a trustee, it manages trust foundations (link) and represents them in legal and business transactions. The University of Bremen Foundation has been awarded the seal of quality for good trust administration by the Federal Association of German Foundations. It is a member of Stiftungshaus Bremen and the Federal Association of German Foundations.

8. Information on the origin of funds

9. Information on the use of funds

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Dr. Christina Jung

Stiftungsmanagerin (DSA)

0421 218-60336
SFG 3150
christina.jungprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Stiftung der Universität Bremen
c/o Universität Bremen
Bibliothekstr. 1
28359 Bremen

Bank account

University of Bremen Foundation

Account: 1612514

Sort code: 290 501 01

Sparkasse Bremen

IBAN: DE46 2905 0101 0001 6125 14


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