ASA program

Internships in development projects

The program:

For over 50 years, the ASA program has been helping people who are interested in global relationships to get involved. The ASA program stands for mutual learning, global thinking and social responsibility.

Program participants attend and organize seminars, work for several months in a project internship in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Southeastern Europe, and subsequently carry out some kind of action or campaign. An active alumni network also offers many opportunities to continue making contributions to a sustainable and caring society.


Who is funded?

Young people between the ages of 21 and 30 from almost all professions and fields of study can apply. The program is aimed at anyone who lives and studies in Germany or the German Community in Belgium or has completed dual vocational training. Holders of a bachelor's degree can also apply, provided the degree was awarded no longer than one and a half years ago.


What is being funded?

The ASA program encompasses two training seminars, one internship abroad and an intensive follow-up phase (evaluation seminar).

Duration: Within one year, 3 seminars of approx. 5 days each and an internship of 3-6 months.

Start: April (exact dates will be announced at the beginning of the application period).

The internship starts at the earliest after the second seminar at the end of July.


Seminars: Participants of the seminars deal with global contexts and develop innovative methods in development education in areas such as intercultural communication and anti-racism.

The project internship: During the three- to six-month project internship, the participants work in a partner organization. For example, they accompany young people in a film project about football in Togo, restore Buddhist temples in India or evaluate alternative cultivation systems in northern Brazil.

The Global Learning Action: On their return, the participants become active as relays for global learning and organize workshops, exhibitions, theatrical plays or campaigns in Germany or Europe. The aim is to contribute to greater awareness of global and development issues.

Alumni network: An active volunteer network offers the participants the opportunity to continue the learning process already underway, to exchange ideas, and to bundle competences for further involvement.

Participation opportunities: The ASA program lives from the volunteer work of current and former participants. In all areas, the ASA program is  shaped by volunteers. As a result, it is constantly evolving.

How much is the funding amount?

- Assumption of costs for the seminars (accommodation, meals, seminar contents)

- A lump sum for travel costs to the seminars of € 150 euro

- Travel and subsistence allowance for the three-month stay abroad (this applies to all ASA sub-programs except ASApreneurs). The amount of the subsistence allowance depends on the host country and is around € 350 and € 450 per month. The travel allowance is also dependent on the host country.

- Contributions for health, liability and accident insurance during the stay abroad

Where and when can I apply?
The application phase starts every year on November 20 and ends on January 10.

Applications are submitted via an online form at You can apply for one or two sub-programs as well as project internships. A first application round takes place until January 10. Out of all applications, three are selected per scholarship place. These are requested by email for a second application round. The final selection will take place at the end of February.

Participation in the ASA program is possible through the following programs:

ASA Basis:

At ASA, two to three participants form a team to participate in seminars, three-month project work and subsequent Global Learning Action.

ASA SüdNord:

Participants from one country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Southeastern Europe, together with participants from Germany, form a team that works on a project for a total of six months: three months with an organization in Germany and three months with an organization in the respective host country in the Global South.

ASA Kommunal:

ASA Kommunal offers young people opportunities in municipal development policy. For three or six months, the participants support municipal or town twinning in a specific project, for example “Waste Management and Environmental Education” or “Migration and Identity”. In doing so, they get to know global contexts and deal with issues of municipal development policy.

"ASApreneurs - Shaping a Sustainable World":

ASApreneurs is a pre-vocational program. It supports young people in gaining leadership skills for sustainability in business contexts. Half of the project work takes place at a company in Germany or Europe, the other half at a partner organization in the Global South. ASApreneurs is aimed at young people who are familiar with the approaches and models of sustainable business and want to contribute to the extension of these approaches in the long term. 

GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans):

GLEN is an initiative of the ASA program and ten European partner organizations. In the GLEN program, participants from different European countries form a team that goes through all phases of the program together.

Information and advice
Further information and advice on applications can be obtained from the International Office of the University of Bremen. (Consultation by appointment)


Office hours in the advisory and counseling office of the International Office:

VWG Building, Room 0580

In physical presence and online
Monday: 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

online only
Thursday: 9:00a.m. - 11:30a.m.

Our consulting and service office in the VWG is open again for you. However, you can still reach us in the online consultation (via Zoom).


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