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Campus Stories

What makes the University of Bremen are the people who research, teach, work, and study here. Those who want to get to know the university better often hear and read about the “Bremen spirit.” But what is it, exactly? Under the title of “Campusgeschichten” (“campus stories”), we are now introducing successful young scientists, outstanding researchers, teachers with new ideas, and committed students. But the series will also present the people who ensure university operations run smoothly on a daily basis in the offices and behind the scenes. Get to know us – get to know the University of Bremen!


Young man with glasses leans against a railing and looks smilingly into the camera

The Climate Activist

Dominik Lange wants to change things in society. Climate protection and sustainability are particularly important to the student. That is why he is an active member of his degree course, the AStA Students' Union, and the Academic Senate at the University of Bremen, as well Students for Future.

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Protrait of a woman with short brown hair

The Climate and Environment Manager

Dr. Doris Sövegjarto-Wigbers knows the University like hardly anyone else. And not only because she has worked there for over 25 years. As the Climate and Environment Manager, the 62-year-old is connected to basically everybody: From the University Executive Board to the facility management.

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Holger Ruge

The Problem Solver

Holger Ruge is always on the lookout for solutions. As the chair of the University of Bremen Staff Council, that is his job. Together with the 21-person board, he deals with the needs of around 3,500 staff members. It’s a full-time job. After all, a university is a big cosmos.

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Heike Hemmersbach leans over a table, in the background a room plan

The Room Manager

Hemmersbach arrives and everyone immediately fears for their rooms.” That is her image – of that the cheerful woman is sure. “I want to do right by everyone and find compromises,” says the head of the Room Management working group.

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The European

Jessica Winter is a committed European. The 25-year-old even changed her degree at the University of Bremen in order to work more intensely on European topics. Her interest was piqued thanks to her work as part of the YUFE Alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe).

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The Marketing Expert

“Everything is possible.” That`s Friederike Moschner’s motto. For nearly one year now, she has been responsible for the central marketing at the University. She is currently working on the introduction of a new corporate design for the university – right on time for the university’s birthday in 2021

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The apprenticeship head Torsten Radeke on campus

The Apprenticeship Head

When Torsten Radeke from the Faculty of Mathematics / Computer Science talks about his apprentices, he has a lot of success stories to tell. The man with the mischievous grin is liked. Together with his eight-person team, he shows up to four young people per year how to be an IT specialist.

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A man stands in the middle of a blooming meadow

The Zoologist

Professor Marko Rohlfs is a scientist who loves the diversity of insects. He talks about their lives like interesting stories. And he is interested in fungi. But not in the ones with a cap - rather for mold fungi. Some of his other “colleagues” in the research laboratory are fruit flies.

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Young woman smiling
News no.: 14 |

The Traveller

Christmas with family and a New Year’s part with friends are cancelled this year for Saskia Tenberg. In just a few days, she will fly to the island of Zanzibar via Amsterdam and Dar es Salaam.

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Mann lächelt in Kamera

The Media Expert

More than two decades ago when Karsten Lehmkuhl, a trained radio and television technician joined the University of Bremen, he determined his nickname by choosing “Lemmi” for his e-mail address. Today, the friendly head is known as Lemmi throughout the whole campus.

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