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Campus Stories

What makes the University of Bremen are the people who research, teach, work, and study here. Those who want to get to know the university better often hear and read about the “Bremen spirit.” But what is it, exactly? Under the title of “Campusgeschichten” (“campus stories”), we are now introducing successful young scientists, outstanding researchers, teachers with new ideas, and committed students. But the series will also present the people who ensure university operations run smoothly on a daily basis in the offices and behind the scenes. Get to know us – get to know the University of Bremen!


The apprenticeship head Torsten Radeke on campus
© Philipp Batelka / Universität Bremen

The Apprenticeship Head

When Torsten Radeke from the Faculty of Mathematics / Computer Science talks about his apprentices, he has a lot of success stories to tell. The man with the mischievous grin is liked. Together with his eight-person team, he shows up to four young people per year how to be an IT specialist.

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A man stands in the middle of a blooming meadow
© Matej Meza/Universität Bremen

The Zoologist

Professor Marko Rohlfs is a scientist who loves the diversity of insects. He talks about their lives like interesting stories. And he is interested in fungi. But not in the ones with a cap - rather for mold fungi. Some of his other “colleagues” in the research laboratory are fruit flies.

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Young woman smiling
© Harald Rehling / Universität Bremen
News no.: 14 |

The Traveller

Christmas with family and a New Year’s part with friends are cancelled this year for Saskia Tenberg. In just a few days, she will fly to the island of Zanzibar via Amsterdam and Dar es Salaam.

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Mann lächelt in Kamera
© Harald Rehling / Universität Bremen

The Media Expert

More than two decades ago when Karsten Lehmkuhl, a trained radio and television technician joined the University of Bremen, he determined his nickname by choosing “Lemmi” for his e-mail address. Today, the friendly head is known as Lemmi throughout the whole campus.

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News no.: 12 |

The Joggler

“I’m spinning too many plates.” That is what a stressed office worker may say from time to time when he or she has lost the overview of their to-do list. Jörg Riedel doesn’t spin plates but keeps balls in the air. He finds “Relaxation like when meditating or practicing yoga”.

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Porträt eines jungen Mannes.
© Harald Rehling / Universität Bremen
News no.: 11 |

The Computer Scientist

Khaled Swaidan’s distinctive feature is his unusual hairstyle. On the one side, his hairdresser, a Turk from Bremen’s Neustadt district, has cut a section of hair similar to a parting and kept the hair relatively short whilst the top displays an unusually high quiff.

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portrait of a young woman
© Harald Rehling / Universität Bremen
News no.: 10 |

The Singer

Hanna Deutschmann is a singer in the choir of the University of Bremen. She has an alto voice full of passion for music. Two years ago, she stood together with 4,000 other singers for the first time on the market square in Bremen to sing the 11 songs of the music festival "Bremen so frei".

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Mann steht vor Bücherregal und lächelt
© Harald Rehling / Universität Bremen
News no.: 9 |

The Informative One

Today is a special day for Dr. Roy Karadag. “My little daughter is crawling,” happily exclaims the father on parental leave. Until the end of August 2019, the political scientist will only be able to perform his duties at the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS) to a limited…

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portait of a young woman
© Harald Rehling / Universität Bremen
News no.: 8 |

The Entrepreneurship Researcher

“Entrepreneurship” and “refugee” are banner words in the research work of Dr. Aki Harima. Born in Japan, she is a postdoctoral fellow at the Chair in Small Businesses & Entrepreneurship (LEMEX). She recently published a book together with her boss, Professor Jörg Freiling, and Professor Sibylle…

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Günther Süllow in front of the "Sportturm"
© Universität Bremen

The Coordinator

We all have our idea of a custodian. They scurry through the buildings, use their wrench here, and pinch the pliers there. A conversation with Günther Süllow clears up a misconception. The good spirit at the University of Bremen is the function master for facility management. But his most important…

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