The Joggler

“I’m spinning too many plates.” That is what a stressed office worker may say from time to time when he or she has lost the overview of their to-do list. Jörg Riedel doesn’t spin plates but keeps balls in the air. He finds “Relaxation like when meditating or practicing yoga”.

“Firstly, you need to practice juggling,” explains Jörg Riedel. An uneven number of balls: Three fly through the air. He shows this easily at his desk. Then the next step. The juggling person must begin to jog. The lecturer at the Studierwerkstatt (Study Workshop) goes on a 10-kilometer jog around three times a week. Over the erdbeerbrücke, around the werdersee, or in the bürgerpark. Naturally, amazed passersby often stop and speak to him. Is it difficult? How does it work? How do you practice?

“Immediate Happiness”

“I began eight years ago,” says Jörg Riedel, who saw joggling for the first time in the south of Germany and was fascinated straight away. “At the beginning, I joggled for a few hundred meters and felt immediate happiness.” Research findings on joggling show that both brain hemispheres are activated by the different movements. It must be true. “Things that I have stuck in my head just disappear,” he says.

University Sport Course

As he has been a lecturer at the Studierwerkstatt since 1999, many students already know Jörg Riedel. Academic writing, rhetoric, presentations, peer-learning offers, or study techniques are the topics with which he has shown many students seeking advice the way. He now wants to offer joggling as a relaxation method within the university sport program. Register quickly!

Fiede Bied Quintet

“Every Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The balls are provided,” he says. The course number is 3001. Jörg Riedel was born in Stuttgart and acquired his diploma in pedagogic adult education at the University of Bremen. One can assume that he has a certain sense of his mission. Sport is not the only hobby of the active man. Google “Fiede Bied” quintet and you will see a saxophonist, whose sound will touch you to the core and who looks familiar. This man certainly activates both of his brain hemispheres in different ways.

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Jörg Riedel
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Joggling ist die Freizeitbeschäftigung von Jörg Riedel. Er gibt die Technik im Rahmen eines Hochschulsportkurses gerne weiter.