Research & Development with Partners

At the University of Bremen, 2,300 researchers conduct top-level research in 12 Faculties. i.e. subject areas. In addition, six high-profile research areas underscore the research strength of the University through their interdisciplinary collaboration. The close cooperation between the University of Bremen and the non-university research institutes in the vicinity crucially shapes Bremen as a center of science: 50 of the University’s 320 professors are so-called “cooperation professorships” appointed jointly with such partner institutes.

Did you know that most of the research at the University is done in collaboration with partners in business and society? Would you also like to benefit from the research services and competencies offered by the University of Bremen? Then contact us at UniTransfer. We are at your disposal for an initial briefing and will then put you in contact with the right research team on our side.

Each cooperation venture is individually designed according to the needs of our partners, whereby in principle the following possibilities exist:


UniTransfer - Transfer Office of the University of Bremen


Dr. Martin Heinlein

Phone: 0421-218-60330


Christoph Otte

Phone: 0421-218-60331


Support from the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

Does your company have its headquarters in Bremen or Bremerhaven? The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has several funding options for joint research and development projects carried out in cooperation with the University:

Funding Program “Research, Development and Innovation” (FEI)

Small and medium-sized enterprises can be supported to strengthen their innovative capacity and competitiveness. This happens e.g. through the promotion of collaborative R & D projects.

The contact person is the Bremer Aufbaubank. Further information can be found here.

Funding Program “Applied Environmental Research” (AUF)

Application-oriented environmental research projects aim at helping enterprises to develop and deliver innovative products and services with high environmental compatibility.

The contact person is the Bremer Aufbaubank. Further information can be found here.

Program for the promotion of application-oriented environmental techniques (PFAU)

PFAU promotes the development of environmental innovations that focus on the prevention of emissions and waste, saving energy and materials, and recycling.

The contact person is the Bremer Aufbaubank. Further information can be found here.

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Logo des EFRE Förderprogramms im Land Bremen