Special Funding Program from the State of Bremen to Research Bremen's Colonialism

Call for proposals for the organization of a conference as well as small grants

In the age of colonialism, Bremen played a special role as a port city in the context of historical and economic developments in German-speaking countries and Northern Europe. In modern times, the significance of pan-European colonialism for society takes on an additional urgency due to the ongoing migration and refugee influxes. This makes it all the more important to come to terms with Bremen's role in colonialism and its consequences, which still have an impact today, and to make this knowledge accessible.

With this special program, the state of Bremen supports funding initiatives that aim to address new academic ideas and research approaches in order to contribute to a broader discussion and exchange on the topic of "Bremen's Colonialism". Provided that the project is approved, funding is provided for an event and exchange format (conference funding) as well as smaller projects that examine Bremen's role in colonialism, taking into account its dynamics, aftermath and controversies, deepening the scientific discourse and preparing the results for the public. 

Emphasis can be placed, for example, on researching the following topics:

  •     Colonial heritage and postcolonial developments in Bremen.
  •     (Post-)colonial traces in public space in Bremen.
  •     Dealing with heritage and perspectives towards global equity.

This call is addressed to researchers in the social sciences and humanities at the University of Bremen. The goals of the special program are:

  •  to make research on the topic of "Bremen Colonialism" more visible nationally and internationally
  •  to promote the exchange of research results on Bremens colonialism
  •  to support the preparation of further projects on the topic
  •  to promote dialogue between Bremen and its partners in the Global South.

For the organization of a conference on Bremen colonialism, the state will provide up to 25,000 EUR for each of the years 2022 and 2023. Proposals for conference funding in 2022 can be submitted until 29.04.2022 and the conference must be organized in 2022. For smaller grants on the topic, support funds of up to 5,000 EUR can be applied for on an ongoing basis during 2022. A second application deadline for both funding lines is planned in 2023.
Applications are to be submitted via an online form. The calls for proposals with all the necessary information and documents can be found below.

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Programme Coordination

Evgenija Kraus
Phone: +49 421 218-57111 
Mail: evgenija.krausprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
SFG-Building, Room 3290

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Conference Funding "Bremen Colonialism"

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