Orientation on Campus

Signs for orientation.

Are you new to the University of Bremen? You can't find your way around the campus (yet)? On this page we have compiled helpful tips for you to find the right building or room.

Prior to and during orientation week, there will be campus tours especially for first-year students, for which registration is required. (in German)

But you can also explore the campus on your own with our campus tour app! (in German)

Last but not least, we have produced two clips for you in which a student shows the campus of the University of Bremen:

Click here for the campus tour: youtu.be/X9mnY-BSRZU

Click here for a tour of the consulting facilities: youtu.be/-rmBp30ObmI


Central Student Advisory Service

Advise without appointment:
Mon, Thu 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Advise with appointment:
Tue 2 to 4 p.m.: Zoom or face-to-face
Additional appointments

Visiting address:
VWG Building (Central Administration)

Brief information by phone:
Wed, Fri 3 to 5 p.m.

+49 (0)421 218-61160
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How Do I Find My Way Around?

The University of Bremen is a campus university with short distances. A large part of the buildings and service facilities can be found near the boulevard or the "Glashalle". The Boulevard runs from the Mensa to the so-called "Keksdose" ('cookie jar', the lecture hall building), to the sports tower. Between the "Glashalle" and the Mensa is the Campus Park. It forms the green center of the campus and provides space to linger, meet and exchange ideas. A detailed overview of the campus can be found on the central university pages.

The buildings and their abbreviations help you to find your way around the campus, e.g. GW1 and GW 2 for Humanities 1 and 2, SFG (Special Research Building) or SuUB (State and University Library Bremen).

You can find all details in the campus map. It is interactive and also allows a room search in the respective buildings.
A typical room information is "GW2 B 3200" and is composed like this:
GW2: Building "Geisteswissenschaften 2 (= Humanities 2)"
B: building part B
3: on the 3rd floor
200: room number 200

Popular Meeting Places

Der Campuspark mit Glashalle und Fallturm im Hintergrund.


The central meeting point is the "Glashalle". Streetcar line 6 and buses stop in front of this building. Here you will find the office of the Studierendenwerk Bremen, shopping facilities, a bookstore and other service providers.

Studierende beim Essen in der Mensa.

Canteens and Cafeterias

Other popular meeting places are the various canteens and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk (discounted meals). Also convenient and centrally located: the "Souterrain" of the AStA. In addition, there are other dining options on or near campus.

Haupteingang der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen.


The headquarters of the State and University Library (SuUB) can be found directly on the campus of the university. In addition, there are many other locations of the SuUB. In the city center you will also find the headquarters of the Bremen City Library.

Ein blühender Kirschbaum im Gegenlicht der Sonne.

Room of Silence

If you long for a moment of silence and stillness on campus, our Room of Silence is available for that purpose. You can withdraw for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the university.

Study Spaces

Multimedia-equipped and open study spaces are available for our students, which can be booked by everyone via StudIP. In addition to the study spaces for all students, some departments also offer PC study spaces for students of their own department. Please inquire about these with your departmental advisor.

Sports Facilities

A sports program that is inexpensive for students is organized by the Center for University Sports, or HoSpo. In addition, there is also the sports program offered by the AStA: students can rent halls and sports fields and use the weight room in the sports tower.

Different symbols in the context of disability.

Barrier-free Campus

For all buildings in the site plan, it is indicated how buildings can be reached barrier-free.


The KIS Office for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Diseases and the Critical Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion (kivi) provide online information about the barrier (in)freedoms on the campus of the University of Bremen and want to make it easier for students, visitors, employees and scientists to find their way around the campus. They are the central point of contact for students with physical or mental disabilities and offer a wide range of support services to make everyday life easier for students with disabilities.

Eine Gruppe von Kleinkindern mit bunten Jacken und Rucksäcken.

Family-friendly Campus

Since 2007, the University of Bremen has been committed to a family-friendly university. For example, it offers students with children special counseling services and childcare. The AG Familienfreundliches Studium, a student working group, also ensures the continuous improvement of the situation of students with children. All important information and contact persons on this topic can be found in the family portal.


At the University of Bremen you will find a variety of cultural offerings from the areas of music and theater as well as media, such as the online magazine Krosse, the university magazine Scheinwerfer or the blogs of the University of Bremen. You are also welcome to take advantage of the opportunities to participate yourself.

Religious Groups

There are several religiously oriented student groups at the University of Bremen (in German):

Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Bremen

Evangelische Studierendengemeinde Bremen

Islamischer Hochschulbund Bremen

Verband Jüdischer Studierender Nord