Learning Platform Stud.IP

The learning platform Stud.IP supports and accompanies students during their studies at the University of Bremen. Teaching staff members use Stud.IP to organize teaching and learning and to interact with students. Students register for courses in Stud.IP, communicate with their teaching staff, organize their group work with fellow students, find their learning materials including course videos, get direct access to online lectures if necessary, solve assignments and work with tests and self-study materials, etc.

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What Is the Learning Platform For?

Stud.IP stands for "Studienbegleitender Internetsupport von Präsenzlehre" and is used for course-related communication and interaction between students and teaching staff. Via Stud.IP students can

  • register for courses,
  • create timetables,
  • download course materials (e.g. literature and assignments),
  • view announcements and other information
  • create their own study groups for group work

Teaching staff members use Stud.IP for

  • a protected file exchange (course material, literature, assignments)
  • discussion forums,
  • newsletters and current announcements,
  • online teaching evaluations,
  • various forms of online learning (synchronous and asynchronous, online and/or face-to-face).

All courses offered by the university are posted on Stud.IP.

In addition, Stud.IP has

  • a bulletin board where, for example, textbooks are offered for sale and rooms for rent,
  • the search function of the electronic library (E-LIB) of the State and University Library Bremen,
  • the possibility to reserve multimedia-equipped study rooms.


► Important! The registration for courses in Stud.IP is not a registration for the module examination. This is done exclusively via the PABO portal.

How Do I Get Access to the Learning Platform?

You will receive a user name and password when you set up your university e-mail address. With this you can also log into the electronic learning platform Stud.IP.

Stud.IP Messages and University E-Mails Are Different!

All e-mail communication from the university is handled through your university e-mail account. Therefore, it is important and helpful that you regularly check all e-mails from your university account (which is automatically used by Stud.IP) or have them forwarded to your regularly used e-mail address.

Within Stud.IP there is also a separate messaging system and a copy of these Stud.IP internal messages will be forwarded to your university email address by default. If someone, e.g. a teaching staff member, replies to this copy of a message sent from Stud.IP, this reply will not be forwarded to the Stud.IP message mailbox, but to your university e-mail mailbox.

Please check your university e-mail box regularly so that you do not miss any important information.

How Do I Register for Courses via Stud.IP?

The Stud.IP explanatory video shows how to register via Stud.IP step by step.

For english subtitles, just start the video and change the subtitles by a click on the speech bubble in the lower right corner of the video.

Problems with Registration or Other Questions about Stud.IP?

Please refer to the FAQ list of the Center for Multimedia in Higher Education (ZMML), which is responsible for Stud.IP, or contact Stud.IP support.